7 Day to night easy outfit ideas

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7 day to night easy outfit ideas

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Weekday mornings may feel dull, but if you have something planned out for an evening that day like a little date or a catch up with friends, then it turns out to be an exciting morning, which usually starts with rummaging your wardrobe to pick out the perfect outfit that will help you transit from day to night easily in style. And so here are 7 day to night easy outfit ideas to help you make a decision. The first thing that you should remember is that no matter what you wear for the day, with one key piece, you will be able to pull the look of the night. Yes, even with those work wear blouses and Mary Janes you will definitely be able to do that. And let me show you how (continue reading for a special surprise).

A White shirt dress in the daytime can be paired with a statement key item like a belt and a bracelet by AUrate. This one bracelet here is the game changer. You may as well pair this dress with a statement necklace and wear it underneath the dress in daytime while at night, you may flaunt it the way you feel.

Day to night outfits, shirt dress, zhwadevivre blog-arohii


Do not underestimate the power of LBD. LBD is a must have. If you have watched Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you would have seen the power of that one wonderful Black dress by Givenchy. There are several ways to style just that one dress and you will own it and ace it from day to night with the right accessories.

Day to night outfit, The little black dress/LBD, zhwadevivre-arohii

AUrate Half moon earring and Necklace

The Neutrals.

Ok. Neutrals are basic piece. Like black dress, we all have at least one neutral item of clothing in our wardrobe. Best part is, they match well with anything and everything so when one needs to style it for a day, wear it simple as it is and when you step out in the evening, accessorize with Jewellery, watches or even belts. Like one below.

Day to night outfits.  Neutral dress zhwadevivre. arohii

Animal Prints.

Leopard/Tiger prints may look 90ish but they do not look odd when it comes to partying. They can be worn in the daytime, keeping the look subtle and in the night time, just add gold Jewellery to the entire ensemble.

Day to night outfit, animal print, zhwadevivre, arohii

Lace, Velvets, ethnic oriental prints and embroideries.

Threadwork embroideries, ruffles, ethnic prints, lace and velvets, all of these are the best options for a day to night transition. You can wear a ruffle blouse and team it with a velvet pants. You may add an ethnic jacket with a very basic neutral dress or attire or just walk out wearing this fab embroidered Temperley London dress paired with AUrate gold earrings and necklace for a chicest look.

Day to night outfit ideas, Temperley London embroidered dress, zhwadevivre, arohii

Day to night outfit ideas, pearl  AUrate earring, zhwadevivre, arohii

day to night outfit ideas, velvet, lace, zhwadevivre, arohii

Peplum Tops and Dress

I think Peplum top looks flattering and very classy both as workwear and partywear.

Day to night outfit, peplum top, zhwadevivre, arohii

And Lastly, Vintage dress and a Cape coat.

Day to night outfit.

Now is the time for the special surprise which is an exclusive 10% discount from AUrate.
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AUrate is a NYC based company offering contemporary yet timeless real gold Jewellery. And I think a perfect day to night ensemble is probably incomplete without a piece from AUrate especially their earrings collection will be great either day or night. click here to check necklaces and bracelets by AUrate.

These were some of my easy Day to Night outfit ideas. What do you think of it? How do you pull off a day to night outfit?
Thank you. With Love,

Shopping cures summertime blues.

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What do you do when you get summertime blues? What do you do when you got to work and all you want to do is take a fine vacation, chill by the side of the beach and close your eyes and feel the summer breeze on your skin. Well, If you listen to Eddie Cochran, he says, “Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do, But there hasn’t no cure for the summertime blues.” But, Summertime blues have a cure. Shopping cures summertime blues.

Haven’t you heard, shopping is therapeutic. And every climate change needs a new wardrobe update. An update of suitable clothes and dresses according to the weather. And I think my summer shopping wish list would be building myself a calm wardrobe. It must have soothing colors and comfort is mandatory. Somewhat like these products below-

Shopping cures summertime blues- Summer shopping wishlist.

zhwadevivre, arohii, shopping, summertime wishlist

I prefer trousers over jeans anytime in summer and especially for the summer in India, I would love to wear a loose wide leg pants like this.

Summer shopping, Newchic, wide leg pants by arohii at zhwadevivre lifestyle blog

O-Newe Elastic Waist Wide Leg Pants With Belt For Women

I love to wear throw and go kind of dress/tops that are low maintenance and easy to style.

Elegant Women Stitching Sleeveless Fake Two-Piece Irregular Dress

summer shopping, wishlist, arohii, zhwadevivre, lifestyle blog

Flower embroidery long sleeve v-neck blouse

Women Flower Embroidery Long Sleeve V-Neck Blouse , Newchic, summer shopping, wishlist, arohii, zhwadevivre

Casual Women Flower Printed Short Sleeve Pullover T-Shirt

Casual Women Flower Printed Short Sleeve Pullover T-Shirt

Casual Strap Floral Printed Chiffon Two-piece T-shirt Dress For Women

summer wishlist, shopping, zhwadevivre, Newchic, arohii

O-Newe Women Color Block Printed Sleeveless Drawstring Dress

Newchic, summer wishlist, shopping, arohii, zhwadevivre

Vintage Peacock Pattern 3/4 Sleeve Patchwork Dress For Women by Newchic can be styled as an Indian ethnic wear as well. Green color makes it ideal for the summer and if paired with leggings or churidars, this dress will be a chic choice for ethnic/traditional Indian wear.

Vintage Peacock pattern, patchwork green dress for women by newchic, summer shopping, arohii, zhwadevivre

The color Indigo, resonates with summer to me and hence, this awesome cardigan dress with belt had me hooked the moment I saw it. There are so many ways to style it. Wear it as a cover-up, cardigan or dress.

O-NEWE Women Vintage Button Pleat Dress Cardigan With Belt

If you get lucky and plan a vacation to an island or beach, a maxi dress is must.

Elegant Women Printed Strap Fake Two-Piece Irregular Dress

summer time wishlist, shopping, arohii, zhwadevivre

O-Newe Vintage Printed Sleeveless Lantern Maxi Dress For Women

O-Newe Vintage Printed Sleeveless Lantern Maxi Dress For Women.jpg

I cannot imagine an island vacation without Kimono and cover-up either.

Fashion Women Loose Long Length Half Sleeve Grid Pattern Chiffon Cardigan

summer wishlist, shopping, zhwadevivre, arohii

Women Loose Floral Batwing Short Sleeve Chiffon Cardigan

summer wishlist, shopping, zhwadevivre, arohii

And lastly, I want these statement necklaces and bags to complete the entire look.

Women Stylish Cute Casual Tote Handbags Shoulder Bags Crossbody Bags

bag, zhwadevivre, arohii, shopping, summer wishlist,

Woman Pu Handbag Crossbody Bag Cat Pattern Shoulder Bag High-End Tote Bag

Bag, summer shopping wishlist, arohii, zhwadevivre

Crystal Metal Chain Choker Chunky Necklace

Crystal Metal Chain Choker Chunky Necklace.jpg

Crystal Flowers Collar Statement Necklace

Crystal Flowers Collar Statement Necklace

There are a lot more fashionable summer dresses at Go and see for yourself.

Now that you know the cure for the summertime blues i.e Shopping, feel free to comment and share your summer shopping wish list!! What will you buy?

Thank you. With Loves,


6 cool ways to wear Dress on Pants

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Dress on Pants trends can be real tricky. One small mistake and it could be the biggest faux pas of your life. This one trend from the runways of spring 17 RTW  is going to be one of the spring’s most challenging trend, I guess. But then, Fashionistas do not fumble but find ways to rock even the most trickiest trends.Here are 6 cool ways to  wear Dress on Pants trends right from the Runway and Real-way. 

Shop this look on Lookastic:  — White Silk Tunic  — Black Double Breasted Blazer  — Black Dress Pants  — Black Leather Pumps:
source : Pinterest
source : Theimpression
Source : Harpersbazaar 
source : Here
Source : Here


which style did you like the best ?  Wish you all a lovely day.

Thanks. Lots of Love,



9 sweatshirts(< $10) to seize at shein

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Seize these great budget buys from the shein spring break collection for your everyday wear. It is that time of the year when one can stop lurking inside blankets and step out to enjoy the nature in its full glory wearing nothing but Just a sweatshirt.These few everyday pieces from shein is ideal for a perfect casual day. And guess what, they all are on sale. You should get the best out of this offer. These are some of my favourites out of the rest and they all are priced under $10 (You heard me! ) Just $10. 🙂

shein sweatshirt under $10,shein sweatshirt under $10147488261372371658841478480262330442437914713101877232476021473850999720664949014778953292480795358shein-sweatshirt14803819621187835244

Click on the images above to check more details on shein (dot) com.

Additionally, if you shop for $55, you get $5 off and below are more details with code. 
Spring Break

Get $5 off over $55 CODE: BAK5

Get $15 off over $105 CODE: BAK15

Get $40 off over $200 CODE: BAK40

Say Goodbye to Cold Winter and Welcome to Spring

Visit SheIn, you will be surprised.

Thank you. Happy shopping. Have a Lovely week.


Here’s what guests to spring wedding can wear!

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Millybridal Prom Dresses

Have you been invited to a wedding this spring? Fear not, Here’s what you can possibly wear to the spring wedding. Spring happens to be one of the most beautiful season on earth and you can wear anything from bright yellow to Rose quartz to Mint green. All the rejuvenating colors for one Joyful & refreshing wedding. This is going to be a fun for you.

For this particular day, Colors that gives the spring essence will make you look outstanding without outshining the bride. Read also : Spring wedding colors.

Organza short Mini Dress.jpg

I think this Organza Short off shoulder Dress would be ideal for the Young and Playful! There are several other colors available at sellers site including gold & Lavender. I really love the embellishments and even the back side of this dress is interesting.

Organza short Mini Dress.jpg

Lace dress.jpg

One can definitely not ignore a lace dress and Pink if it’s wedding in spring. Right Girls ? If you look closely this Tea Length dress also has pearl details. I totally love this dress!

If your role in the wedding is a crucial one like being a bridesmaid or a sister of the bride then things gets a bit complicated while deciding the right kind of dress. So I picked these three dresses Just for you, girls!


Dress 1 : Milly Bridal Uk | Dress 2 : Milly Bridal Uk | Dress 3 : Milly Bridal Uk

And Lastly, this elegant dress is my favourite for a simple yet classy look.

Prom dresses.png

The Prom Dress Collection at Milly Bridal Uk is Gorgeous. If you can, do check out their Princess like Tulle gowns on their website. You may find both Long and short Prom dresses. They ship Worldwide.

Which dress did you like? what color would you wear to a spring themed wedding?

Thank you. Have a Lovely day.

Much Loves,