Blogging to me today & awards

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Hi friends,

I am writing to you to let you know how I feel about blogging today on 25th of feb. 2017. I am sitting here in this dark room while typing on laptop placed on a dining table, gazing at this familiar space, where I draft my blog post and I feel content. I feel Joyous. why specifically am I telling you this today is because, it has been a while that I felt this way. Does the idea of- “Blogging is FUN!” resonates to me now ? Since few days, unfortunately, it didn’t. This reminds me of a poem that I read on fellow blogger, Rekha’s blog which was about forgetting self. when I started blogging, I believed in blogging about who I was, what I felt, what I loved, the simple pleasures, a little of all those things from my life that I enjoyed doing and that made me happy. I felt that there was so much to life, there was joy in slightest, simplest, littlest things in life. It depended entirely on our perspective. I mean, either I could be inspired by the beauty of simple pleasures or disheartened by the thought which haunts us every now and then, starting particularly with “what if” and “why”.

Picture of Rose, zhwadevivre, arohii

I headed to instagram few days back to share my posts partly and partly because I too wanted to Join instagram just like millions of people around the world. Being honest, Instagram is a huge source for inspiration and is very beautiful. I could find awe-inspiring posts that could make me feel so many emotions at the same time. Especially those cute pets, omg! I was overjoyed and those flowers as well.I thank all the content creators around the world who are striving to make Internet a beautiful place. Henceforth, Sharing some of those precious Insta moments with you to share the Joy.

This video here makes me feel so sleepy. The cat is super adorable.

Lovely 😍 Tag a friend 😻 By @iamlily_____

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Hmm, so my conclusion so far is that,

Blog, because it makes you happy. Blog for fun. Be You. Because You is unique, beautiful and interesting. There will always be someone better and more polished, learning from them and growing day by day is important rather than being daunted and giving up.

I was nominated by friends for two awards, Randy nominated me for Blogger recognition award and Shay for liebster award. I feel grateful & honored my dear friends for the award and I want to thank you both with all my heart. ❤

Nominees for Blogger recognition award : Curious astronomerLorrain, Neha, Emotions of Life.

Shay asked these questions for liebster award.

Questions for my nominees:

Do you believe in giving people “second chances”?

Yep, I do. 🙂

What was your favorite childhood cartoon or show you enjoyed watching?

Courage the cowardly dog, Rugrats, Recess, Lizzie Mcguire, Hannah Montana, Drake and Josh, scooby doo, the winx club (I am all nostalgic now, lol)

Favorite board game?

Carrom,Ludo (I do not know if you know this, it is a common board game in India),

Do you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs?

None. Chicken Burger or veggie burger would do.

Do you cry at sappy movies?


One thing you love about yourself?

I think I got a good memory. IDK.

Thanks a lot shay for these awesome questions. Questions for my nominations are same. Here are the nominees for Liebster award : Trayee 2. Orla  3. Swo8 4. Ravi

That is all for now. hey guys, I have added two more categories namely fashion finds and health. I promise to make the health category interesting and brief. I hope you do not mind. And like both the categories. 🙂

Take care and wish you an amazing weekend. xx

Much Loves,


A Note to You.

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It has been around 1 year 3 months approx. since I first started blogging and each day I feel grateful for the day Joie de vivre was born. This little place is my happy place, a secret garden for me where I meet wonderful and amazing bloggers. I learn things and I share things which inspire me from my everyday life. How much I love blogging? Well, it’s 3 am and I am thinking of you, my friends and readers, humming to myself a song by Selena Quintanilla Perez, Dreaming of you…And typing from heart a thank you note to all of you. You have been a great support. You have been there for me and placed in me a trust and responsibility, a feeling of importance, a feeling that I matter. We both know, I may not be an inspiring and great blogger at the end of the day but your generous love has made Joie de vivre grow. I say it again and again. Truly, that’s what I feel. Few days back when I was not active much, I received mail from Friends, Readers, People and it brightened my day. Your words and your help has been my strength and I am really grateful for all of that. Now today, since we all are on verge of saying bye bye to 2016 and stepping into a new year together, I would like to let you know, how important you are to me and request you to be with me always because Blogging brings me a joy beyond words and to me, you matter!

I may not be skilled enough to guide and provide tips on a successful blogging but I do have few tips for new and budding bloggers who want to enjoy blogging. Blogging helps you express and be heard. It’s like a Joyful conversation over tea with people around the world. You may not find such a place in real world. You may not find the time or right words. It so happens that when I write I express myself better. English being my second language is not my strong asset as I often find myself struggling for the right word and when I sit down to write a post, I have all the time on earth to think for suitable word.

Blogging has made me realise that Internet is beautiful, after all. It is like a machine, which can be used for both good and evil means so if one has good intentions, he is ought to make good use of it. Vast resources that internet has made available to us is necessary for social, physical, mental, spiritual growth. And Blogging being part of the good internet has all these qualities. When you blog, not only will you contribute but also learn. 

And while you have started blogging, always make sure you are in love with what you write. It may be anything that you are passionate about. Make sure it has to come from heart. Find inspirations from everyday and everywhere. Who knows a movie can be your inspiration for your content or even a single word. This will help one to overcome writer’s block.

Keep yourself Genuine. Know what you are writing. It is most important.

Every blog that surfaces on Internet has its own purpose. I might be wrong although to think that it is very important to serve what your readers will be delighted to read. According to me, a post should be a blend of an equal amount of writers and readers choice. I mean for e.g. If it’s all you and about YOU on your page, your readers might not be so interested to read about you, you and you all the time.

I guess, this is what I have concluded so far and this has made my blogging enjoyable except for times when I lack a bit of enthusiasm and at that time, thank god I have my blogger friends who know how to bring it all back.

Thanks for everything. Happy Holidays to YOU.

Happy Holidays.jpg

Much Loves,


Winner of the Blogiversary contest :)

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Hey Guys,

As you all know, this year we celebrated the birthday of Joie de vivre and we had a contest, right? The 1st blogiversary giveaway contest was open till 1st october and the winner gets $17. Rules and my question for the contest was :


And my friends, your entries to the contest made me smile wide. So I thank you for taking the time to participate in the contest and for your kind words. They mean world to me.

Thank you soooooooooo very Much. 

Here are the Entries :-

No. 1
No. 2
No. 4

Now, since as you can see that all the above answers are super sweet and best, and deserve to win and wish I could make them all winners. I hated to be in a position to choose one and So I decided to number each entries and skipped name. Then I took help of the random name picker to choose the winner of the contest.

name picker.png

And the winner is –


I will contact the winner through mail with details tomorrow.

Many congratulations to the winner and thank you once again my friends for all your love and encouragement. These words are forever engraved in my heart. 🙂 🙂

Have an amazing week!

p.s I have been a bit busy with festival, Durga Puja/Navratri and may not be able to blog at regular pace for few days (Till 9th may be), Take care till then my friends and keep blogging!! 🙂 Also, wish you all a very happy Durga Puja/Navratri.

Much Loves,



Blogging, eh?

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This post is kind of a short follow up post to the Blogiversary post. Hmm so if you are having hard time at blogging like me, I want to share with you five ways I cheer myself up. Well, yeah but before that please excuse my Eh! Haha. so what exactly does blogging feel when it becomes an “eh” to you ? It feels depressing.

~So before anything, I tell myself that It is okay to not know everything however not learning new things is not okay. The day you are depressed, blogging seems like a sinking ship, try learning something new and see it will make you forget everything.

~know that it takes a fool to understand a fool and vice versa. My point is when you find yourself misunderstood, well may be you are at wrong place at the wrong time so be patient, calm down and either wait or go find your mates! I do not expect everybody to understand me but there must be someone like me to whom my every word will resonate. Now where’s Orlando? 😀

Image result for minions movie gif

~Empty vessels make loud noise. If you fizzle on the blogging platform, may be it is wise to understand that you ain’t no empty vessel bruh. (excuse! ) Basically, think positive and don’t be harsh to yourself. Always love who you are, no matter what.

Image result for you no genius gif


~sometimes the relation of Give and take really make wonders. May be it’s time for you to try it. Instead of expecting from other people, try giving first.

~Hard time? What hard time, why are you here? If you are not having fun, leave. If you intend to have fun then go join groups, make your own network and socialize.

Image result for socialize more gif


~I am no pro. But one thing surely cheers me up in my gloomiest days i.e sharing. Share the love, your problems, your posts, get noticed, share your words at different blogs.

Hmm, so guys sometimes, it’s not you who lack anything.
It is just the time. Be patient and enjoy what you do. To be honest, being best at what you do hardly matters, Connecting to others is important.

Many scientists like Gregor Mendel, Einstein and more were called Morons by real super morons at first, remember? But what happened, they continued with what they did best and loved and today , we call them Genius.If you are sure at what you are doing, do it anyway.

Keep blogging and smile !!!

Thank you.



1st Blogiversary and Giveaway !

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Yay! This is so exciting, it’s 1st Blogiversary of Joie de vivre and it is all because of you that Joie de vivre could reach this milestone my adorable readers and friends and for that I am so grateful. Thank you all for making this possible.Your support and encouragement has been always my strength.I am always grateful.:)

I appreciate all your love and comments and they always have brighten my days and cheered me up. For our Journey together, heres wishing all of US a very happy 1st blogiversary.


My blogging Journey started by chance and today after one year, I am happy to say that each day I have only felt glad for having a place here in the blogging world where I do what I love. In this Journey so far I have met many excellent bloggers. I am very glad to have been blessed with some wonderful souls here whom I very fondly cherish as friends.

Today I want to specially thank those friends who have been there for me from the early days of blogging. And so they get a certificate of Awesomeness. 🙂

Monica, Andrew, Ana, Dr.Jonathan, sara, Cezane, Grittychamp, Adhandmade – Jump right to your Certificate of Awesomeness, please.

Also, Jump to Feedbacks that made my day, on this page.

Today, I also have a  gift coupon for the readers of Joie de vivre as a small token of love.


Shein is an online shopping site for women fashion clothing and ships worldwide free.

To Participate :

~You must be following my blog. 🙂

~Answer this one question :

What is your idea of Joie de vivre ?

(Explanation : Joy of life for each one of us can vary, for me, it lies in simple pleasures but most importantly being with family is Joie de Vivre. 🙂 )

* Best Answer wins. *

~To enter in the contest, comment or submit your answer below in the form.

~Last date of submission : 1-10-16.

Thank you very much for your participation in advance. I really do appreciate it.

Hmm, just to be clear, as I complete one year, I still feel naive with little knowledge about blogging (time flies, still feel like I started this blog only yesterday) but before I leave, I would love to share with you things I have learned so far. Here it goes:

  • I think, A blog should be about both of us, readers and the authors. As for me, I do not like blogs with too much “I” in them, how about us or we.
  • I learned that the bloggers are really smart beings but emotional and could be great friends too. The support is incredible.
  • Blogging world is a great place to learn while having fun.

Tips to newbies :

  • Be real and yourself.
  • Know your purpose of blogging.
  • Get inspired but don’t copy. Say no to plagiarism.
  • share and support. Give proper attributions and credits to the original source.
  • Activate Excerpts for your posts in reader to prevent your content from being copied by scrapers and leechers.
  • share your posts on multiple platforms.
  • when you read someones post don’t just leave, leave behind your thoughts, as interactive bloggers make connection faster. I remember those who interact with me.
  • Be good and avoid being hurtful, harmful in anyway. Post quality content or do your best, as wasting your readers time would maybe make them never return.
  • Also, followers count is not everything. Know that having loyal readers is more important.

I think I will wrap the blogging tips here  as this post has become already too lengthy. So guys,as you know, I do not do award posts anymore because it is quite time consuming. Hence, I have decided to mention here those who nominated me for any award or tag from the time I published my last award post.


HandmadePriyaFitness grad, VoulaahGlamorous etoilesParul singhalDish Dessert.

Thanks all for your lovely Feedback on Retreat or Revive, it made me smile :

Alok singhal says :
It is always good to keep on writing whatever you feel, and whenever you have time…a reason i write once or so a week (i have a full-time hectic job as priority).
Congratulations on your journey…you site is pretty good. A custom domain would be better…i used wordpress itself for it. click to go to his blog.

You are doing great, so happy for you – keep up the great work!🙂

રીતેશ મોકાસણા says:
Congratulation, on achieving one year blogging. Hoping more and more from you dear ! Best wishes. stay Hit ! Stay fit !

CEZANE says:
Here to wish you a happy one year anniversary! Many more to come hopefully, waiting for today’s post, I think you will be posting?

🌐 ‘M.’ 🌐 says:
whatever makes you happy, do it! 😊
would be nice to see you now and again though. 😉

Happy bday to your blog 😂

Arohii, congratulations

congratulations on turning one !!Amazing blog..Happy birthday and Happy Writing

Do not stop totally. Attend to those neglected areas and come back soon. Or, you can reduce the amount of time you are giving to blogging activities till you fulfill your other commitments. Congrats for completing a year on blogosphere

CEZANE says:
This a great milestone! Dont go anywhere else. Just earned a great friend, stay until eternity needs a new defination via your example. 😉

Congratulations. Happy birthday. So happy you are blogging. You are one os the sweetest person I have met since I started my blogging experience. I am so happy to call you my friend.

MOPANA says:
Hey! Don’t you dare to retreat, Arohii. You’ve made a wonderful job here, in the blogosphere. With you, this area is more beautiful. I don’t have my English with me, but I can say that without you here, I would have retired long ago. Your support and beautiful words made me continue my work here. This is all I got to say, but again, don’t you dare to leave me alone. You’re one of my best friends here. I know it’s hard to share your time, but you have to try. We have to do this together.
But, you have to understand that if it’s better for you to take a break, you don’t have to ask for my permission. I will be happy if you will be happy.
So, I don’t know if my English is understandable, but I wish you luck no matter decision you’ll take. You can use this for your blogiversary, my dear friend🙂
Hugs, love and kisses,

ARV! says:
Congrats! Will look forward to anniversary special post. As for future course, well abandoning it altogether is a tough choice. But in the end, do what sounds good to you. Congrats once again Arohi..

Congratulations.. I celebrate to anniversary of yours blog..🙂❤

Your Certificate of Awesomeness friends, feel free to collect, I will be honored if you do.

Also, thank you so much Kevin, Leyla, Béline, shakthi, Mrs. Strawberry, Shake your conscience, Mr.moonlight,Sawa, Alertes Info, Chape, Inspiration shots, Sumit, Mahima, Simona, Miss Kymmie, Giridharan, Meraw, Rekha, Hamycop, Charles, Tony, Morgan, Edge of humanity,newvideos. Know that I feel immensely grateful to you.

I think thats all. Thank you for patiently reading. Love you loads and know that I am lucky to have you all. Please keep blogging and stay always awesome. Apologies for a lengthy post. And yes, do not forget to participate in the giveaway, all are welcome.

(P.s My sincere apologies if I have missed to mention you. )

Much Loves,