Five Animal Ninjas #wildlifeDay

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Animal Ninjas are those brave animals who fight like ninjas and their nunchucks are their special mind blowing strategies for survival. Human boast about being most intelligent species but these five animals will make you think twice before you say that. I mean, they are simply Astonishing. Without further a do, Let me tell you who they are and why are they the finest five animals who are Just like Ninjas and oh, today (3rd March) is wildlife Day. 🙂

5 animal survival.jpg

source for the picture : here

Animal Ninjas (Wildlife Day Special)

Wood Frogs

when the temperature in the arctic’s fall making it extremely cold for the creatures to survive, Wood Frogs stop breathing and their heart beat stops as well but they are not dead. They do not freeze to death. what they do is called, hibernation. Scientists have found that these ninja frogs have a nunchucks called cryoprotectant-solutes, Which helps the cells of the frogs to avoid shrinkage due to cold temperature.

Caterpillar Survival Story

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination. -Tommy Lasorda

well in this case, you may replace ‘man’ with ‘Caterpillar’. This is the most interesting story of determination and survival. You must have heard about Cuckoo and Crow story, how Cuckoo fools Crow by keeping their eggs in Crow’s nest, this is the similar story. Caterpillar are carried by worker ants who assume it to be one of its own and feed them till the day  Caterpillar becomes butterfly. These Butterflies are of the Maculinea species of large blue butterflies found across Europe and Asia. what happens exactly is that, Maculinea species take advantage of the ants acoustic signalling system. They mimic the sound made by the queen ant larvae to fool them and thus get all the special treatment by the worker ants.

Carpenter Ants

Speaking of Ants, you should know about this one strange ant who explodes on being attacked, spilling Toxins.

Hognose Play Dead

Hognose snakes are one canny species you will ever come across. Haha, you must have heard about Flight, fight or fear, well Hognose snake choose to fool. They will remain where they are when they sense danger and act dead. Funny, right?

My name is Opossum and I play Dead too

Opossum, marsupials can’t let the Hognose snake take all the credit of outsmarting the attackers. well, they play dead too, to survive. And additionally emits odor of dead as well.

References : Nat Geo, Finance times, Brainjet, Earth rangers. Click on image for sources.

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6 cool ways to wear Dress on Pants

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Dress on Pants trends can be real tricky. One small mistake and it could be the biggest faux pas of your life. This one trend from the runways of spring 17 RTW  is going to be one of the spring’s most challenging trend, I guess. But then, Fashionistas do not fumble but find ways to rock even the most trickiest trends.Here are 6 cool ways to  wear Dress on Pants trends right from the Runway and Real-way. 

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Source : Harpersbazaar 
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Source : Here


which style did you like the best ?  Wish you all a lovely day.

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8 cheap & Super Healthy Foods c̅ recipes

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Ever wanted to have super Powers? well, If I could have one super power, I would have wished to eat anything (By that I mean, carbs) and still stay super healthy. But that is Impossible (c’est impossible!) So guys, you must know 8 foods that are cheap and super healthy for you and do check the recipes to find super great ways to use it.


Brown Rice

Nutritional facts of Brown rice, healthy food, a blog post on zhwadevivre

Okay, Brown rice has to learn a lot from the basmati rice as on, how to please the taste buds. But then with all the accomplishments by Brown rice as far as health is concerned, this slight shortcoming can be overlooked. Right, Guys? At home, we make Pulao of brown rice using vegetables, soybeans and dry fruits. It tastes good that way and knowing how healthy it is, we eat it with Joy. So should you.

brown rice- pulao

Recipe and source here : Click


Nutritional Value (1).jpg

I have come across the internet with many oats recipes and have tried making the no bake oats cookies and oats Poha. Would like to try Uttapam once and here is a recipe for that.



Nutritional Value (2).jpg

we at home eat spinach a lot.There are many preparations that could be made of spinach. out of all my favourite is a spinach fritters. Fry and eat spinach or make some delicious dish of it, all tastes incredible and this is one recipe that I will definitely try, The Spinach cheese balls. Source and Recipe here.

Image result for spinach recipes


Nutritional Value (3).jpg

Recipe and source : Here


Nutritional Value (4).jpg


Image result for soybean recipes

Soybean Potato curry, recipe here


Nutritional Value (5).jpg


Recipe and source : Here


Nutritional Value (6).jpg

Chili Potato

Chili Potato, recipe and source here : Click.


Nutritional Value (7).jpg

Lentils are considered as world’s Healthiest foods. It is part of our Staple diet and no wonder, why! we eat it with rice and chapati in india, everyday. well mostly.

Lentil Moroccan Soup

Recipe and source : Here


Nutritional Value of Cabbage. Super Healthy and cheap food, blog post at zhwadevivre.


Cabbage is a fave of all, atleast I know lot of people who are fan of Indo-chinese and they adore cabbage.

Check the source for Cabbage recipes. Here

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9 sweatshirts(< $10) to seize at shein

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35 stars who dazzled with oscar Knight

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Oscars was first held in 1929 and since then the award stage has witnessed many accomplished and best actresses in their sparkly beautiful gowns beholding the moment of pride, living their dreams, contemplating the golden Knight in hands and Dazzling the night with their everlasting charm. This is the list of 35 such best dressed stars to receive the oscar statuette.

Janet Gaynor

Janet Gaynor dress while receiving oscars in 1929
source : Google image search

Grace kelly

source : Here and here

Bette Davis


Jane wyman

Jane wyman oscars, zhwadevivre, oscar winning actress

Joanne woodward


Loretta Young


 Olivia de Havilland

Olivia de havilland, oscar

Claudette colbert

Claudette colbert oscar awards

Vivien Leigh

source : &

Audrey Hepburn

source : &

Sophia Loren

sophia Loren

Elizabeth Taylor

35 stars who dazzled with oscar knight, Elizabeth Taylor, Arohii blog, Joie de vivre/zhwadevivre
source : 

Louis Fletcher



Diane keaton

diane keaton.jpg

Meryl Streep


Sally Field

Sally field, simple yet great outfit

Jessica Lange


Helen Hunt


Holly Hunter


Jodie Foster


Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon, oscars, stars who dazzled with oscar knight

Reese witherspoon

Reese witherspoon best actress award winner at oscars

Kate winslet


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, Oscar
source : 

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Hilary Swank


Helen Mirren


Halle Berry

Halle berry oscar awards

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth paltrow, oscars

Charlize Theron


Cate Blanchett

Cate blanchet

Jennifer Lawrence


Sandra Bullock

source :

Brie Larson


So these were those 35 stars who were best dressed while receiving best actress awards at oscars. who do you think was outstanding among all ?

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