7 Day to night easy outfit ideas

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7 day to night easy outfit ideas

Day to night outfit ideas, zhwadevivre, arohii, AUrate

Weekday mornings may feel dull, but if you have something planned out for an evening that day like a little date or a catch up with friends, then it turns out to be an exciting morning, which usually starts with rummaging your wardrobe to pick out the perfect outfit that will help you transit from day to night easily in style. And so here are 7 day to night easy outfit ideas to help you make a decision. The first thing that you should remember is that no matter what you wear for the day, with one key piece, you will be able to pull the look of the night. Yes, even with those work wear blouses and Mary Janes you will definitely be able to do that. And let me show you how (continue reading for a special surprise).

A White shirt dress in the daytime can be paired with a statement key item like a belt and a bracelet by AUrate. This one bracelet here is the game changer. You may as well pair this dress with a statement necklace and wear it underneath the dress in daytime while at night, you may flaunt it the way you feel.

Day to night outfits, shirt dress, zhwadevivre blog-arohii


Do not underestimate the power of LBD. LBD is a must have. If you have watched Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you would have seen the power of that one wonderful Black dress by Givenchy. There are several ways to style just that one dress and you will own it and ace it from day to night with the right accessories.

Day to night outfit, The little black dress/LBD, zhwadevivre-arohii

AUrate Half moon earring and Necklace

The Neutrals.

Ok. Neutrals are basic piece. Like black dress, we all have at least one neutral item of clothing in our wardrobe. Best part is, they match well with anything and everything so when one needs to style it for a day, wear it simple as it is and when you step out in the evening, accessorize with Jewellery, watches or even belts. Like one below.

Day to night outfits.  Neutral dress zhwadevivre. arohii

Animal Prints.

Leopard/Tiger prints may look 90ish but they do not look odd when it comes to partying. They can be worn in the daytime, keeping the look subtle and in the night time, just add gold Jewellery to the entire ensemble.

Day to night outfit, animal print, zhwadevivre, arohii

Lace, Velvets, ethnic oriental prints and embroideries.

Threadwork embroideries, ruffles, ethnic prints, lace and velvets, all of these are the best options for a day to night transition. You can wear a ruffle blouse and team it with a velvet pants. You may add an ethnic jacket with a very basic neutral dress or attire or just walk out wearing this fab embroidered Temperley London dress paired with AUrate gold earrings and necklace for a chicest look.

Day to night outfit ideas, Temperley London embroidered dress, zhwadevivre, arohii

Day to night outfit ideas, pearl  AUrate earring, zhwadevivre, arohii

day to night outfit ideas, velvet, lace, zhwadevivre, arohii

Peplum Tops and Dress

I think Peplum top looks flattering and very classy both as workwear and partywear.

Day to night outfit, peplum top, zhwadevivre, arohii

And Lastly, Vintage dress and a Cape coat.

Day to night outfit.

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These were some of my easy Day to Night outfit ideas. What do you think of it? How do you pull off a day to night outfit?
Thank you. With Love,

6 cool ways to wear Dress on Pants

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Dress on Pants trends can be real tricky. One small mistake and it could be the biggest faux pas of your life. This one trend from the runways of spring 17 RTW  is going to be one of the spring’s most challenging trend, I guess. But then, Fashionistas do not fumble but find ways to rock even the most trickiest trends.Here are 6 cool ways to  wear Dress on Pants trends right from the Runway and Real-way. 

Shop this look on Lookastic:  — White Silk Tunic  — Black Double Breasted Blazer  — Black Dress Pants  — Black Leather Pumps:
source : Pinterest
source : Theimpression
Source : Harpersbazaar 
source : Here
Source : Here


which style did you like the best ?  Wish you all a lovely day.

Thanks. Lots of Love,



9 sweatshirts(< $10) to seize at shein

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Seize these great budget buys from the shein spring break collection for your everyday wear. It is that time of the year when one can stop lurking inside blankets and step out to enjoy the nature in its full glory wearing nothing but Just a sweatshirt.These few everyday pieces from shein is ideal for a perfect casual day. And guess what, they all are on sale. You should get the best out of this offer. These are some of my favourites out of the rest and they all are priced under $10 (You heard me! ) Just $10. 🙂

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Spring Break

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Thank you. Happy shopping. Have a Lovely week.


35 stars who dazzled with oscar Knight

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Oscars was first held in 1929 and since then the award stage has witnessed many accomplished and best actresses in their sparkly beautiful gowns beholding the moment of pride, living their dreams, contemplating the golden Knight in hands and Dazzling the night with their everlasting charm. This is the list of 35 such best dressed stars to receive the oscar statuette.

Janet Gaynor

Janet Gaynor dress while receiving oscars in 1929
source : Google image search

Grace kelly

source : Here and here

Bette Davis


Jane wyman

Jane wyman oscars, zhwadevivre, oscar winning actress

Joanne woodward


Loretta Young


 Olivia de Havilland

Olivia de havilland, oscar

Claudette colbert

Claudette colbert oscar awards

Vivien Leigh

source : &

Audrey Hepburn

source : &

Sophia Loren

sophia Loren

Elizabeth Taylor

35 stars who dazzled with oscar knight, Elizabeth Taylor, Arohii blog, Joie de vivre/zhwadevivre
source : 

Louis Fletcher



Diane keaton

diane keaton.jpg

Meryl Streep


Sally Field

Sally field, simple yet great outfit

Jessica Lange


Helen Hunt


Holly Hunter


Jodie Foster


Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon, oscars, stars who dazzled with oscar knight

Reese witherspoon

Reese witherspoon best actress award winner at oscars

Kate winslet


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, Oscar
source : 

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Hilary Swank


Helen Mirren


Halle Berry

Halle berry oscar awards

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth paltrow, oscars

Charlize Theron


Cate Blanchett

Cate blanchet

Jennifer Lawrence


Sandra Bullock

source :

Brie Larson


So these were those 35 stars who were best dressed while receiving best actress awards at oscars. who do you think was outstanding among all ?

Thank you.

Much loves,


Trends in Talk right now.

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Recently Pinterest revealed the top trends for this winter which are in talk right now and fashion magazines online have been reporting the hottest fashion trends for the season and the following year, 2017. Lets begin with the fashion trends that are going to stay.

Fashion And Style Trends

Bell sleeves

We saw many new sleeve styles in Vogue in 2016 like the cold shoulder, one shoulder etc. etc. And the most loved among them were Bell sleeves, may be. I love them. Pinterest thinks that Bell sleeves are going to be a hot trend in 2017. I think, thats a good news, don’t you?   If you are confused like me on how to style them, check out, ways to wear bell sleeves here on

Source : Google

Puffer Coats


Source : Instyle


Camera Bags

So have you heard of Camera bags yet? well apart from Bell sleeves, Camera bags are the best buy this spring. So chic and cute, right?


Source : Instyle

Ankle boots

Source : MarieClaire



source : Google

Beauty And Hair Trends

These trends are popular according to Pinterest this winter.

Chrome Nails

Source : Here

Ash Balayage 

source : Pinterest

Black Lipstick

source: Pinterest


These were some of the most trending styles this winter. which trend are you keen about ?

Thank you. Happy Holidays. 🙂

Much Loves,