8 songs to celebrate singlehood.

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Valentine’s day is over. This time of the year may sound pleasant to all but singles. Although we celebrate it too but a little differently, like in my case, my valentines are the ones whom I love & cherish the most and you, my friends are included in the list. Some singles make this day a reason to enjoy even more by being happier for being FREE. some of us just spend their day as any normal day. Cough Btw, this post was supposed to be posted on valentine’s eve but I could not for some reason. Apologies  Here is a list of 8 Songs to celebrate singlehood. Hope you like it. ( Note : Sorry! This is a bit girly playlist, please excuse)

Playlist zhwadevivre.jpg


Natasha Bedingfield – Single

Lyrics Quote : This is my current single status, my declaration of Independence.



Lyrics quote : Then let’s sing this song together, I’m free, oh come on and be free with me.

Jennifer Lopez – I am feeling so good

Pussycat Dolls – I don’t need a man

Tata Young – Cinderella

Destiny’s child – Independent women pt. 2

Beyoncé – Single Ladies


Miss A – I don’t need a man

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5 examples of Plagiarism in Bollywood Music.

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Plagiarism or copying others work without their consent is a common thing in Bollywood Music. you will be amazed to know that most of the times the songs which were copied becomes one of the most popular songs in the history of bollywood. Funny thing is half of the population is unaware of the fact that what they are listening is a stolen work. There are many copied bollywood songs which one can easily make out if they have heard the original version. I have here have a playlist of five such examples of Plagiarism in bollywood Music.



Mann – Nasha ye Pyaar ka Nasha hai

This song was copied from L’italiano by toto cutugno.


Jab Koi Baat – Jurm

Copied from Peter Paul and Mary – 500 Miles


Pehli Nazar mein Pyaar – Race

Copied from Kim Hyung Sup – Sarang Hae Yo


Jahan Teri yeh Nazar hai

Copied from Zia Atabi- Heleh Maali

Gela Gela – Aitraz

This my friends, will be an easy guess. Can you guess? well, yeah it is copied from R. Kelly -Thoia Thoing.

And we have one more copy of Plagiarism here :


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8 songs for all winter Lovers

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If you love winters, this playlist of songs for all winter lovers would be pleasant to your ears and well Guys, even if you are not a fan of winter, hold on, spring is coming and well till then, why not enjoy these winter songs! 🙂


Im Gonna be warm this winter – Connie Francis

The Winter is Cold – Wendy & Bonnie

Tori Amos Winter

Winter Things – Ariana Grande

Baby its Cold Outside – Dean Martin

Looks Like a Cold Cold Winter – Bill Crosby

Jo Stafford – Winter Weather

Mindy Gledhill – Winter Moon


I hope you enjoyed. Enjoy your weekend.

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5 songs for Krishna by George Harrison.

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The day we find Jesus in temple and Krishna in church, we may be giving our children, a world they deserve.
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Before you Proceed Kindly note that- ( I do not intend to promote religion or hurt any sentiments of people. This post is in memory of George Harrison and celebrates his mystical music. Kindly ignore this post if such subjects are disturbing to you. Thank you for your cooperation.)
One day I do hope, it was possible for us to forget the barriers we have created and be united. Anyways, this post is a playlist of five Krishna songs by George Harrison. Few days back, a fellow blogger friend, Rhodri Evans, suggested me to listen to George Harrison’s, My Sweet Lord and since then I have been in love with this song, I also discovered many other songs he sang in praise of Sri Krishna, a hindu god. I dedicate this Post to my one of my friend from Polyvore, Mona who loves Krishna and is from Russian Federation. Here is the list of 5 songs by George Harrison for Krishna.

Om Hare Om

Is it He



My Sweet Lord

Give me Love


Featured Image source : Google.

Thank you. which one did you like ?

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songs that make Friday by Rebecca Black bearable.

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Just when we thought, Friday by Rebecca Black was the worst song ever…without much delay we were served up by songs which proved us that we were very much wrong. Here are four such songs which makes Rebecca Black’s song bearable.

Angel by Taher shah.

This is the funniest music video ever apart from being… highly unbearable.

Livin the life by Ananya Birla

Its My Life by Vennu Mallesh

Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius

Thank you.