Was green fashionable in the 18th century?

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As we haven’t written any fashion related posts for a while we thought it might be interesting to look at both clothing and paintings showing the vast array of colours worn in Georgian fashion, but, as our regular readers will be aware we got side-tracked when we realized that…

Smile For Life

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​ Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, had quarrels with your loved ones or are you committed to a task that you don’t enjoy? Chuck it! Put up a smile on your face and keep forging. Do you know an average adult manages only…

More Awards and a Dinner

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I really and truly appreciate all the honors, Beautiful People, and I sincerely have no idea what I am doing to deserve them! A while ago, adorable Lizzy from https://curlygirlabroad.wordpress.com nominated me first for one award, and then another one. I thank you so much, dear Lizzy! You are so totally cool!…

☘Gaeilge☘ The Irish Language☘ Basics -1

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Dia duit! Hello everyone!😊 Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about Irish and Ireland and teach you some new words and phrases☘ What language is spoken in Ireland? English is the language that everyone living in Ireland speaks, but Irish is a second language to most of us…

An open letter to the world.

A six – year – old`s reflection on global warming and world peace. Recently my little boy did a speech on global warming and world peace in one of the functions here in Manchester. The content was,… Source: An open letter to the world.

Ea este prietena mea – She’s my friend

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For English version click here Când am început cu blogging-ul nu știam la ce să mă aștept. Știam doar că și în blogosferă sunt tot felul de oameni, mai buni sau mai răi, la fel ca în viața reală. Și mai știam că, dacă vreau să găsesc cititori pentru micul…

Strawberry Tiramisu

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? There’s something about childhood friends that you just can’t replace – Lisa Whelchel Every friendship is special but the friendships made in our childhood are closest to our heart. Aren’t they? There is an amazing level of comfort and understanding having literally grown up together.Sharing…

The Ten Commandments of Blogging

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1. Thou shalt not waste readers’ time. Offer up thy readers a worthy sacrifice that they might take and be satisfied. 2. Thou shalt honor thy muse. Be prepared in season, out of season to seize inspiration when she comes that ye might write, dance, photograph, paint thy bliss.…

como la flor

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Childhood once lost, In the hands of poverty, wilt wither and fall, just like a flower como la flor. Seeing these girls playing in the field would have been a pleasant sight rather than seeing them working. ? ?

Roșcatul care-mi place – The reddish

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FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE .I recently posted a story about fringe and how we keep it over the eyes 🙂 (see here!). I posted, of course, some photos of my fringe period. At that time I had a wonderful reddish hair color. A friend of mine from the blogosphere,…

The Man who sold Faces (short story)

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THE MAN WHO SOLD FACES Happy face Sad face Smiling face Bad face Face from all race Face which will make you ace A board that read the above lines caught eyes of Lucy who was passing by this odd looking shop. She was on her way to castle with…