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Real to Reel : 5 inspiring women

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I am a big fan of Iconic Rosie the Riveter. I see the women who inspire me and I see “Rosie the Riveter” in each one of them. These Iconic females have proved the slogan, we can do it. They really did it. And not only did they become idols of many and immortals in the pages of history, great movies have been made on their true story and some of them are so inspiring that we watch it over and over again. This is the list of 5 finest movies (reels) based on real inspiring stories of women.

Real to Reel : 9 inspiring women

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The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep doesn’t fail to Portray brilliantly the character of Margaret Thatcher, on whom this movie is based. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to become the prime minister of Great Britain. In this movie, nostalgic Margaret, who now is old and dementia stricken reflects back on her life and remembers her past from young to old age. We can see how she struggled in the male dominated world of politics and what she sacrificed on her way to success. One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when she learns to correct her pitch and speak efficiently. Meryl Streep bagged Oscars for the Iron Lady.

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is based on a true story of an American woman with the same name. What’s the real life Erin has achieved is that, she filed a lawsuit against a company which was responsible for contamination of water by chromium. Which further caused serious health issues like cancer in people of that area. The notable thing about Erin was that she had no experience or proper education in Law and yet she fought and won against the wrong & powerful.

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Zero Dark Thirty

When it comes to bravery and Patriotism, women are no less than a man. Zero Dark Thirty is based on an operation involving the CIA in tracking down Osama Bin Laden. During this operation, a fictional woman named Maya, who played CIA intelligence analyst an important role in the success of the operation. This movie created a lot of controversy and Lindsay Moran, the real life Maya (I would like to believe that) left CIA in 2003. She now is a freelance writer and is an author of a book, Blowing my cover.

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Queen Elizabeth was a survivor. Against all odds, she achieved perfection in being a Ruler. Her Journey to being a Monarch was not an easy one and hence, a movie based on the true life of the queen who reigned during the golden age, is a must watch for each and every woman.

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Hidden Figures

Wow! I watched this movie a few days back. Hidden figures is a movie about three extraordinarily brilliant black women and their outstanding contribution at NASA during the launch of astronaut, John Glenn into orbit. And you gotta, oughta watch it, please….

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Other Remarkable inspiring movies that I like and you could watch are:

Norma Rae



The help

La vie en Rose.

The young Victoria.

I hope you enjoy watching these movies and get energized. Happy women’s day to all women out there. We, are wonderful and yes, we can do it.

I am woman, hear me roar…

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Five Animal Ninjas #wildlifeDay

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Animal Ninjas are those brave animals who fight like ninjas and their nunchucks are their special mind blowing strategies for survival. Human boast about being most intelligent species but these five animals will make you think twice before you say that. I mean, they are simply Astonishing. Without further a do, Let me tell you who they are and why are they the finest five animals who are Just like Ninjas and oh, today (3rd March) is wildlife Day. 🙂

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Animal Ninjas (Wildlife Day Special)

Wood Frogs

when the temperature in the arctic’s fall making it extremely cold for the creatures to survive, Wood Frogs stop breathing and their heart beat stops as well but they are not dead. They do not freeze to death. what they do is called, hibernation. Scientists have found that these ninja frogs have a nunchucks called cryoprotectant-solutes, Which helps the cells of the frogs to avoid shrinkage due to cold temperature.

Caterpillar Survival Story

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination. -Tommy Lasorda

well in this case, you may replace ‘man’ with ‘Caterpillar’. This is the most interesting story of determination and survival. You must have heard about Cuckoo and Crow story, how Cuckoo fools Crow by keeping their eggs in Crow’s nest, this is the similar story. Caterpillar are carried by worker ants who assume it to be one of its own and feed them till the day  Caterpillar becomes butterfly. These Butterflies are of the Maculinea species of large blue butterflies found across Europe and Asia. what happens exactly is that, Maculinea species take advantage of the ants acoustic signalling system. They mimic the sound made by the queen ant larvae to fool them and thus get all the special treatment by the worker ants.

Carpenter Ants

Speaking of Ants, you should know about this one strange ant who explodes on being attacked, spilling Toxins.

Hognose Play Dead

Hognose snakes are one canny species you will ever come across. Haha, you must have heard about Flight, fight or fear, well Hognose snake choose to fool. They will remain where they are when they sense danger and act dead. Funny, right?

My name is Opossum and I play Dead too

Opossum, marsupials can’t let the Hognose snake take all the credit of outsmarting the attackers. well, they play dead too, to survive. And additionally emits odor of dead as well.

References : Nat Geo, Finance times, Brainjet, Earth rangers. Click on image for sources.

Thank you. Happy weekend Guys 😀

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5 oscar winning actresses who sing.

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oscars will be held on 26th feb i.e tomorrow! I am wondering who will win in the best actress category. Both of my fave actresses, Meryl Streep and Emma stone are nominated this time and It would be really interesting to see who wins. what do you think? Btw, if you look back in the history of oscars you will find that some of the oscar winning best actress were not only blessed with acting skills but they could sing too. Here is the list of 5 such oscar winning actress who sing.

Kate winslet

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Nicole Kidman

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Barbra streisand

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Julie Andrew

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