Fashion Trends to wear this Spring

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Heya Fashion lovers, did you think I was going to leave fashion alone this spring? well, I can’t and won’t. So allow me to update you with few favourite latest trends from the Runway for the spring. spring happens to be my favourite season, after all. This is what Designers suggest you to wear this spring.

Burberry ss17 Ready to wear 


Neutrals and cool Blue. Extra Long sleeves. Capelets, Stripes and laces.

Balenciaga ss 17 Ready to wear


Spandex, Florals, stripes, Bright Colors esp. Pink, blue, red, orange. Parkas.

Gucci SS17 Ready to wear

Highlights :

Renaissance, Ruffles, Pink, bold stripes.

Moschino ss 17 Ready to wear

Highlights :

Paper doll looks, Polkas.

Louis Vuitton SS17 Ready to wear


Polka, Athleisure.

Valentino Ss17 Ready to wear

Highlights : 

Pretty Pink, Cape, Metallics, Cape, Bird prints & embroideries.

(all image sources : Vogue. Click on image to go to the original source.)

To sum it all up, this spring, if you step out in florals, pink and yellow, stripes that are broad (seaside stripes), clothes giving lustrous 80s vibes, athleisures, capelets and capes and Renaissance pieces,
well no one is going to consider you as passé.

That is all for now.

I hope you liked this post. Btw, which one of the above trends, appealed to you ? I really liked the Moschino and Valentino Runway collections.

Be Joyful. Much loves,


6 trends seen at NYFW 17 so far!

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God, I love fashion week. If you are a fashion addict, you know what I mean. It’s such a splendid time of the year when we can feast our eyes on those dazzling works by designers. And yeah by doing so, we often spot fashion trends for the season. I could too, really! So if you like to be up to date with the fashion trends for Autumn winter 17, you may proceed further to check out 6 trends seen at NYFW so far.

Dress on Pants

#NYFW Monse AW17 SOURCE : Vogue

Ruffles, Ruffles and Ruffles

Jason wu Aw17 at Nyfw source : Vogue


zimmerman Fw


810 (1).jpg
Jeremy scott Aw17 Source : Vogue

Bright, Very Bright Colors

810 (4).jpg
Oscar De La Renta, source here

source : Left and right.

Slogan Tees

Source : Here

Animal Prints

Michael Kors, source : Here
810 (3).jpg
Diane Von Furstenberg, source : Here


Thank you. I enjoyed making this post, I hope you enjoyed it too. Do watch the Live Streaming of the fashion show on NYFW official website and you can also check out previous shows.

Sending Loads of Loves my friends. Be well. Stay Joyful. ✿


Cartoon meets Fashion

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Prêt-à-porter (Ready to wear ) Pokemon with its adorable charm is available for all fashion enthusiasts and Pikachu lovers, thanks to Prabal Gurung’s latest collection.This collection has been making headlines since its launch, NY Post has labelled it as hot and others have praised it all well.

source: Google

What you should note here is that this is not the first time, fashion embraced Cartoons, animals or Characters. Runways this year, revealed that we are never getting over Feline fashion.

Gucci Resort 17

source : Vogue

This is not the first time, fashion brought cats into scene. Miu Miu exhibited these furry faces in their spring 2010 collection before too. Be it Marc Jacobs, Stella Mc cartney or Gucci, they all have placed their faith in Feline fashion, once in a while.

Gucci seems to have a thing for wild things. Be it a snake wriggling on a coat or roaring tiger, they got it all.

Gucci Snake Intarsia Mink Fur Coat

Gucci Snake Intarsia Mink Fur Coat

Btw, which cat is famous for its love for Lasagna? Garfield, right! Now that  we are talking about cartoon characters, how can we ditch Garfield ? Presenting to you hence, Lazy Oaf X Garfield.


Source : Here

Below are all other examples of Cartoon meets fashion!!!

Image sources : Here and Here

So which one do you like,  are you team Feline or Pokemon. 🙂 Thanks for your time.

Much Loves,


Celebs adore him, find out who!

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Designer who is being adored currently by most of the celebs, kind of very well deserve the spotlight after drawing all the eyes and attention on the New York fashion week Runways. Who is he? well he is the one who designed 9 epic Emmy’s looks, Christian Siriano and thus made headlines. Who isn’t talking about him since then? Image result for christian siriano

Designer, Christian Siriano is 3o years old and he made history after dominating red carpet with the following nine looks for Emmy’s Red carpet.

nine looks.jpg
Courtesy : Twitter Account


And well this is not the first time, Member of American Fashion Designers council, Siriano has definitely scored approval from Fashion enthusiasts and media since NYFW 2016 and was talked by almost every Fashion mag and newspapers.

Refinery 29.png
Source : Refinery29


Ashley Graham.png
As said by Ashley Graham (A body Positive Activist) Source : Hollywoodreporter
Hfgtn post.png
Source : Huffington Post

And so on…Google will give you several such results. Good for Christian Siriano and for the world where Body shaming is common. We can finally hope for something good in future.

Want to see his designs? check out his spring summer 17 collection which basically follows black and white Color palettes and striped patterns.

which look did you like from the Emmy’s?

Keep reading, Keep writing and Inspiring & keep smiling. 🙂

Thank you!

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Major Fall Trends this year

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Major Fall trends this year are pretty confusing to me as I am unable to relate between the different trends this fall. where one of the introduced trend is Metal which is so 90s, other fall trend is Renaissance which is like so 20s. Here are the major trends this fall and ways to subsume them into our everyday life.

Cute Fonts
Now that I set out to shop for fall, I need style Inspo to include metallic trends in my closet as incorporating lustrous Metallic vetements into our everyday wear can be a challenging task.

One of the best trick to look casually cool in metallics is to team it with neutral colors. As opposite attracts, this combo defo attracts too.


source : google image search.

Here’s sharing with you a fab metallic dress collection picked up by polyvore editorial. They all are so glam.

 Cute Fonts


source :Vogue



Cute Fonts

Velvet keeps coming back. I posted last year ways celeb wore Velvet trend last fall. This year they were revived again and thanks to awesome designers, Velvet still manages to awestruck and keep us hooked.

Carven (source :Vogue)


Cute Fonts

This one trend would be an easy task to wear everyday. Isn’t it?

Btw here is a wonderful collection by Polyvore editorial  15 ways to wear hoodies. And guys, they were so kind to include my set too. 🙂 I was very much inspired by this Vetements look below. who would have thought hoodies could be paired with maxi skirts?

Image result for hoodie trend vetements fall
source :google image search


Other Remarkable fall trends are Navy coats, Patent trench, Pinstripes, Platform boots. clear accessories, chokers, one arm, one shoulder,  Pinafores, long arms etc. check out the pictures below :

All Image source :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So which trend is  appealing to your eyes? I am planning to get a metallic bomber as winters in India are not very cold and I am going to wear it over all white.

Thank you. Also, Thank you my pals at Indiblogger for this :

Indian Bloggers

Much loves,

Arohii ~ xx