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Hey friends,

I am writing to inform you that I might not be blogging for few days. Someone close to me is in a critical state of health and I lost a pup whom I loved very much. All my efforts failed. I am just sad. so …

see you soon. Till then I wish you all Joy.

with Love,



Blogging to me today & awards

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Hi friends,

I am writing to you to let you know how I feel about blogging today on 25th of feb. 2017. I am sitting here in this dark room while typing on laptop placed on a dining table, gazing at this familiar space, where I draft my blog post and I feel content. I feel Joyous. why specifically am I telling you this today is because, it has been a while that I felt this way. Does the idea of- “Blogging is FUN!” resonates to me now ? Since few days, unfortunately, it didn’t. This reminds me of a poem that I read on fellow blogger, Rekha’s blog which was about forgetting self. when I started blogging, I believed in blogging about who I was, what I felt, what I loved, the simple pleasures, a little of all those things from my life that I enjoyed doing and that made me happy. I felt that there was so much to life, there was joy in slightest, simplest, littlest things in life. It depended entirely on our perspective. I mean, either I could be inspired by the beauty of simple pleasures or disheartened by the thought which haunts us every now and then, starting particularly with “what if” and “why”.

Picture of Rose, zhwadevivre, arohii

I headed to instagram few days back to share my posts partly and partly because I too wanted to Join instagram just like millions of people around the world. Being honest, Instagram is a huge source for inspiration and is very beautiful. I could find awe-inspiring posts that could make me feel so many emotions at the same time. Especially those cute pets, omg! I was overjoyed and those flowers as well.I thank all the content creators around the world who are striving to make Internet a beautiful place. Henceforth, Sharing some of those precious Insta moments with you to share the Joy.

This video here makes me feel so sleepy. The cat is super adorable.

Lovely 😍 Tag a friend 😻 By @iamlily_____

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Hmm, so my conclusion so far is that,

Blog, because it makes you happy. Blog for fun. Be You. Because You is unique, beautiful and interesting. There will always be someone better and more polished, learning from them and growing day by day is important rather than being daunted and giving up.

I was nominated by friends for two awards, Randy nominated me for Blogger recognition award and Shay for liebster award. I feel grateful & honored my dear friends for the award and I want to thank you both with all my heart. ❤

Nominees for Blogger recognition award : Curious astronomerLorrain, Neha, Emotions of Life.

Shay asked these questions for liebster award.

Questions for my nominees:

Do you believe in giving people “second chances”?

Yep, I do. 🙂

What was your favorite childhood cartoon or show you enjoyed watching?

Courage the cowardly dog, Rugrats, Recess, Lizzie Mcguire, Hannah Montana, Drake and Josh, scooby doo, the winx club (I am all nostalgic now, lol)

Favorite board game?

Carrom,Ludo (I do not know if you know this, it is a common board game in India),

Do you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs?

None. Chicken Burger or veggie burger would do.

Do you cry at sappy movies?


One thing you love about yourself?

I think I got a good memory. IDK.

Thanks a lot shay for these awesome questions. Questions for my nominations are same. Here are the nominees for Liebster award : Trayee 2. Orla  3. Swo8 4. Ravi

That is all for now. hey guys, I have added two more categories namely fashion finds and health. I promise to make the health category interesting and brief. I hope you do not mind. And like both the categories. 🙂

Take care and wish you an amazing weekend. xx

Much Loves,


9 Unhyped Movies for Hopelessly Romantic.

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Love Month is here. Yay! whether you are single or taken, a good romantic movie is something we all enjoy watching at some point of our lives. This month is like a holy month for worshippers of Love and eight days from today, is their biggest festival of the year. well, means of entertainment will play a very important role, as we all know during this time of celebration and so I have here list of 9 unhyped movies for hopelessly Romantic. Unlike the most popular Love Story movies like The Notebook, Titanic, A walk to Remember, Casablanca, Shakespeare in Love, P.S I Love you, Fault in our stars, Gone with the wind etc. which are on the tip of the tongue of most Romantic, these movies are lesser popularized.

9 unhyped Movies for Hopelessly Romantic


Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is one of my favourites. It is a story of two strangers (Ethan and Celine) who meet on a train, start having an interesting conversation and the leave the train in between to explore Vienna together. They spend an entire day and then night while walking through the streets of Vienna, visiting different sites while talking and getting to know each other. And of course they are attracted to each other and the movie will leave you spellbound. I recommend you watch it, friends. Before Sunrise was followed by two sequels. I am yet to watch them. Image sources : here and here


Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind, Movie, zhwadevivre, arohii

Thomas Hardy has quoted that, There is a condition worse than blindness. And that is seeing something that isn’t there.” Beautiful Mind is a movie based on a true story about a life of a man named John Nash and his battle with a cruel disorder, schizophrenia. This movie is not a love story movie but if you watch the movie or have watched it, you would know why this movie is listed here. John Nash was a very Lucky man as far as Love goes as god had gifted him the most caring, supportive, brave and Loving Companion. Her miraculous Love could make John Nash win the his battle. Image source : here

A very Long Engagement

9 movies for hopelessly Romantic, zhwadevivre

So as I talked earlier about how John Nash was lucky in love, this movie has the similar case. It is a story of a Mathilde, an engaged girl who sets out to find her fiancée who is considered to be killed in a battle. And she finally finds him, amnesia stricken in the end. source : Here.


The English Patient

The english patient, Movie, zhwadevivre

A nurse tends to a plane crash victim who is on his deathbed and while doing so she discovers a way to heal herself. source : Here

It Happened One Night

It happened one night, Romantic Movie, zhwadevivre

It Happened One Night is a 1934 American Pre-Code romantic comedy film, in which a pampered socialite tries to get out from under her father’s thumb and falls in love with a roguish reporter. Source : Wiki. Image source : Here.

Annie Hall

Movie, Romantic, Academy award winner

Annie Hall was released in 1977, directed by Woody Allen, this romantic comedy is based on Alvy “Max” Singer who tries to figure out the reasons why his relationship with the female lead played by Diane Keaton failed. (Reference : Wiki & Image source : Here)


Flipped, zhwadevivre, Love

Omg! Ok, Flipped is an adorable movie about two eighth graders who start loving each other. Image source : here

The LunchBox

The Lunchbox.jpg

Ever thought of a love which could possibly start with sending a Lunchbox to a wrong address? well, this is what happens in the movie and it is a must watch. Image source : here

Message In Bottle


Based on the book by author of The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks, Message in a bottle may not be as astounding as other movies listed above but I like this movie. Movie is about a woman who gets a message in a bottle washed ashore and then tracks down the man. Next follows Love, misunderstanding and Loss. But what remains after the movie ends is the emotional outbursts and may be tears (If you are like me). Image source : Here

Thank you friends and wish you a beautiful sunday. Much Loves,


Things Only a Book Lover Will Relate To.

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Back at college, one of my friend who was very fond of books refused to watch a movie based on a Novel because she wanted to read the Novel first. At that time, I didn’t understand why she did that. And of course I never thought for a second before watching  Harry Potter movies rather than reading the book first that one day I will regret it. Whole world is a fan of Mr. Potter and J.K Rowling who created these wonderful, magical books for millions. I somehow never read Harry Potter until one day when one of my friend’s love for them inspired me to read them. Here comes the part every book lover will relate to,

We have spoiled our power of Imagination if we have watched the movie before reading the book.

Yes! I imagined Harry as Daniel  and Hermione as Emma Watson. Sadly, everything was spoiled as I imagined characters, Locations and incidents as shown in the movie but the amazing work of the author kept me glued to the book and I loved every bit of it.

Image result for pride and prejudice

source : google


We have subjected ourselves towards the involuntary will to compare and to Judge. (Book Vs. Movies )

I will not compare. I must enjoy. Yes, we do tell ourselves all these things while watching the movie adapted from the book but end up comparing and Judging both. Most of you would agree with me if I say that I found the book better than the movie version of it. Of course I understand, while making movies based on books, one faces many Challenges and it is not an easy task.

Harry Potter Book Vs. Movie.png


Here comes the Ultimate question:

Book as hard copy or soft copy.

Everyone will have their own opinion about it but somehow I think there is something special about owning a hard copy and then putting those little letters on it, the most important ones, letters of our name. Secondly, there is also something incredibly magical about the smell of the book. It awakens the will to read.

When with the companion who doesn’t complains, Books! We tend to see the non readers and think, omg! They are missing so much.

This happens to me while reading a book. When I laugh, I look around and wish that everyone could read those lines and enjoy. Non readers, who are not very fond of books often find excuse not to read but I really wish they did.

If travelling, there is this urge to not set a foot out without grabbing the favorite set of books.

Does it happen to you? I have this urge, it feels like I am missing something if I do not stuff few books in my bag with me while leaving home for a journey.

Image result for Travelling with books
source : Google

And Lastly,

Every Book reader must have wished secretly to be an author someday.

Someday ,someday we all will write something, someday! Because only when we read, we learn and only when we learn, we write. 🙂

Image result for Book writing
source : Google

Thank you.
Much Loves,


Laziest Food Recipes for winters

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Winters bring out the Laziest version of me and one fine winter eve, I was craving for something delicious to eat. Of course I didn’t want to get up and cook something but I had to. And so while I was there standing wondering what could Possibly be the quickest, simplest and easiest food to try that eve, I came up with this list of laziest Food recipes for winters and I think these are apt for all the Lazy bones like me out there.

Making The Best of Frozen Food.

I had Mc cain Burger Patty lying in Refrigerator and so, yeah, I used the Patty to treat myself with a Burger. If you have bread, you can use the same for sandwich or eat it as you would eat Paranthe and kebab. Little tip : Sauce it up!

Additionally you could use the Mc Cain Chilli Garlic Potato to make a Indo-Chinese dish named Chili Potato. Recipe Here. For Gravy, alternatively you could use the Pre made Manchurian mix easily available in stores or online.


Pizza using readymade Pizza crust or Dough

How hard can this be? Search through Kitchen and bring together a mouth watering topping with lots of cheese to give yourself the very best and special Pizza. You are worth it!!!! 😉

Recipe and source : Livestrong

Pita Pockets

If you are good at dough, make Pita Dough and you could use anything of your choice as fillings. Fastest filling could be made of minced chicken/soya chunks or boiling Kidney beans or Chickpeas. Make sure you use sauce for extra falvor and some veggies. Recipe for Pita Bread : here

Recipe and Source : Kraft Recipes


I once shared with you Bread Upma recipe before. well Upma of any kind is an easy and quick recipe. Not to forget, it will satisfy your hunger and would taste delicious at the same time.

Recipe and source : Sanjeev Kapoor

Noodles, Pasta or Chow Mein

Recipe and Source : Recipetineats

Spinach and Tomato Fritatta

Recipe and Source : Averie Cooks


Cheese Quesadilla

Recipe and Source : Recipe Treasure

That is all for now. I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Much Loves,