8 songs to celebrate singlehood.

Valentine’s day is over. This time of the year may sound pleasant to all but singles. Although we celebrate it too but a little differently, like in my case, my valentines are the ones whom I love & cherish the most and you, my friends are included in the list. Some singles make this day a reason to enjoy even more by being happier for being FREE. some of us just spend their day as any normal day. Cough Btw, this post was supposed to be posted on valentine’s eve but I could not for some reason. Apologies  Here is a list of 8 Songs to celebrate singlehood. Hope you like it. ( Note : Sorry! This is a bit girly playlist, please excuse)

Playlist zhwadevivre.jpg


Natasha Bedingfield – Single

Lyrics Quote : This is my current single status, my declaration of Independence.



Lyrics quote : Then let’s sing this song together, I’m free, oh come on and be free with me.

Jennifer Lopez – I am feeling so good

Pussycat Dolls – I don’t need a man

Tata Young – Cinderella

Destiny’s child – Independent women pt. 2

Beyoncé – Single Ladies


Miss A – I don’t need a man

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