Fashion Trends to wear this Spring

Heya Fashion lovers, did you think I was going to leave fashion alone this spring? well, I can’t and won’t. So allow me to update you with few favourite latest trends from the Runway for the spring. spring happens to be my favourite season, after all. This is what Designers suggest you to wear this spring.

Burberry ss17 Ready to wear 


Neutrals and cool Blue. Extra Long sleeves. Capelets, Stripes and laces.

Balenciaga ss 17 Ready to wear


Spandex, Florals, stripes, Bright Colors esp. Pink, blue, red, orange. Parkas.

Gucci SS17 Ready to wear

Highlights :

Renaissance, Ruffles, Pink, bold stripes.

Moschino ss 17 Ready to wear

Highlights :

Paper doll looks, Polkas.

Louis Vuitton SS17 Ready to wear


Polka, Athleisure.

Valentino Ss17 Ready to wear

Highlights : 

Pretty Pink, Cape, Metallics, Cape, Bird prints & embroideries.

(all image sources : Vogue. Click on image to go to the original source.)

To sum it all up, this spring, if you step out in florals, pink and yellow, stripes that are broad (seaside stripes), clothes giving lustrous 80s vibes, athleisures, capelets and capes and Renaissance pieces,
well no one is going to consider you as passé.

That is all for now.

I hope you liked this post. Btw, which one of the above trends, appealed to you ? I really liked the Moschino and Valentino Runway collections.

Be Joyful. Much loves,




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