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Back at college, one of my friend who was very fond of books refused to watch a movie based on a Novel because she wanted to read the Novel first. At that time, I didn’t understand why she did that. And of course I never thought for a second before watching  Harry Potter movies rather than reading the book first that one day I will regret it. Whole world is a fan of Mr. Potter and J.K Rowling who created these wonderful, magical books for millions. I somehow never read Harry Potter until one day when one of my friend’s love for them inspired me to read them. Here comes the part every book lover will relate to,

We have spoiled our power of Imagination if we have watched the movie before reading the book.

Yes! I imagined Harry as Daniel  and Hermione as Emma Watson. Sadly, everything was spoiled as I imagined characters, Locations and incidents as shown in the movie but the amazing work of the author kept me glued to the book and I loved every bit of it.

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We have subjected ourselves towards the involuntary will to compare and to Judge. (Book Vs. Movies )

I will not compare. I must enjoy. Yes, we do tell ourselves all these things while watching the movie adapted from the book but end up comparing and Judging both. Most of you would agree with me if I say that I found the book better than the movie version of it. Of course I understand, while making movies based on books, one faces many Challenges and it is not an easy task.

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Here comes the Ultimate question:

Book as hard copy or soft copy.

Everyone will have their own opinion about it but somehow I think there is something special about owning a hard copy and then putting those little letters on it, the most important ones, letters of our name. Secondly, there is also something incredibly magical about the smell of the book. It awakens the will to read.

When with the companion who doesn’t complains, Books! We tend to see the non readers and think, omg! They are missing so much.

This happens to me while reading a book. When I laugh, I look around and wish that everyone could read those lines and enjoy. Non readers, who are not very fond of books often find excuse not to read but I really wish they did.

If travelling, there is this urge to not set a foot out without grabbing the favorite set of books.

Does it happen to you? I have this urge, it feels like I am missing something if I do not stuff few books in my bag with me while leaving home for a journey.

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And Lastly,

Every Book reader must have wished secretly to be an author someday.

Someday ,someday we all will write something, someday! Because only when we read, we learn and only when we learn, we write. 🙂

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Thank you.
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  1. I usually prefer reading the book to seeing the movie. I remember when I was in high school, there was a movie made of my favorite novel, The Stranger. I really looked forward to seeing the film, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. The book was just not translatable to the screen. On the other hand, I saw the movie of To Kill a Mockingbird before reading the book. That time, the book was a disappointment, though Harper Lee was an excellent writer. But, the acting in the movie was just so good that the characters in the book seemed flat by comparison. So, there’s an exception to every rule–which is good because otherwise what would we lawyers do for a living? 🙂

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  2. I love reading a book before seeing a movie, for many reasons just to mention a book allows me to imagine and low key be the director of the story whilst a movie is way too summarized for the most part… Great Post ❤ Ps: Did u get my e-mail? Good Day love

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