5 examples of Plagiarism in Bollywood Music.

Plagiarism or copying others work without their consent is a common thing in Bollywood Music. you will be amazed to know that most of the times the songs which were copied becomes one of the most popular songs in the history of bollywood. Funny thing is half of the population is unaware of the fact that what they are listening is a stolen work. There are many copied bollywood songs which one can easily make out if they have heard the original version. I have here have a playlist of five such examples of Plagiarism in bollywood Music.



Mann – Nasha ye Pyaar ka Nasha hai

This song was copied from L’italiano by toto cutugno.


Jab Koi Baat – Jurm

Copied from Peter Paul and Mary – 500 Miles


Pehli Nazar mein Pyaar – Race

Copied from Kim Hyung Sup – Sarang Hae Yo


Jahan Teri yeh Nazar hai

Copied from Zia Atabi- Heleh Maali

Gela Gela – Aitraz

This my friends, will be an easy guess. Can you guess? well, yeah it is copied from R. Kelly -Thoia Thoing.

And we have one more copy of Plagiarism here :


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  1. Bollywood is losing it’s originality or has lost from a long time! Sadly, they don’t realize that there’s a huge difference between a copy and inspiration. Bollywood always blurs the line between the two.

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