Laziest Food Recipes for winters

Winters bring out the Laziest version of me and one fine winter eve, I was craving for something delicious to eat. Of course I didn’t want to get up and cook something but I had to. And so while I was there standing wondering what could Possibly be the quickest, simplest and easiest food to try that eve, I came up with this list of laziest Food recipes for winters and I think these are apt for all the Lazy bones like me out there.

Making The Best of Frozen Food.

I had Mc cain Burger Patty lying in Refrigerator and so, yeah, I used the Patty to treat myself with a Burger. If you have bread, you can use the same for sandwich or eat it as you would eat Paranthe and kebab. Little tip : Sauce it up!

Additionally you could use the Mc Cain Chilli Garlic Potato to make a Indo-Chinese dish named Chili Potato. Recipe Here. For Gravy, alternatively you could use the Pre made Manchurian mix easily available in stores or online.


Pizza using readymade Pizza crust or Dough

How hard can this be? Search through Kitchen and bring together a mouth watering topping with lots of cheese to give yourself the very best and special Pizza. You are worth it!!!! 😉

Recipe and source : Livestrong

Pita Pockets

If you are good at dough, make Pita Dough and you could use anything of your choice as fillings. Fastest filling could be made of minced chicken/soya chunks or boiling Kidney beans or Chickpeas. Make sure you use sauce for extra falvor and some veggies. Recipe for Pita Bread : here

Recipe and Source : Kraft Recipes


I once shared with you Bread Upma recipe before. well Upma of any kind is an easy and quick recipe. Not to forget, it will satisfy your hunger and would taste delicious at the same time.

Recipe and source : Sanjeev Kapoor

Noodles, Pasta or Chow Mein

Recipe and Source : Recipetineats

Spinach and Tomato Fritatta

Recipe and Source : Averie Cooks


Cheese Quesadilla

Recipe and Source : Recipe Treasure

That is all for now. I hope you have an amazing weekend.

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