First Hello of 2017 and Odha do Zindagi



This hello is my first hello to you in 2017, coming after a Long time, somewhat more than a month. How have you been and hope that 2017 has been real good to you so far. These days while I was absent, well, I read three books, learned new things about life, was sad for a while and then very happy for a while too, lost some blog collaboration opportunity as I was late with my reply and of course now they seem to be taking their time to reply back and above all, I missed blogging.

Books that I read included a book called the big book of calm and I must and will share with you whatever I have learned from it. Things that I learned during this time helped me get over the anxiety. It was self realization thing. All answers found within the self. I think I found a clue when I looked inside myself. I think we eventually find our way out, each one of us and when I thought I was doing it all wrong, I got upset over it, I asked myself a question, if I would like to change any of it, I most certainly don’t think I would. I like how I live and the simplicity of it all, it brings sheer happiness, although I am not sure if it would be easy to stick with this idea for long, you know, but as long as self realization is there, it won’t be hard finding a way back.

Winter has been a ruthless past month and it made it quite hard for me to separate myself from the warmth and comfort of that super soft blanket and bed. I am hopelessly lazy. It’s okay to be lazy sometimes, is it not? I think, Sleeping all cozy in winter nights is one of my favorite simple pleasures of life.

Ah, guys, this was all random talk. Forget that. For now, I would love to share with you about a great Campaign that I came across, Odha Do Zindagi by

Image source : Goonj

Odha Do Zindagi is Goonj annual winter Campaign. Their Purpose is to help those deprived of the very basic, warm clothes in winters. And they have come up with different collection centers where one can donate warm woolens and winter clothes. I appreciate their effort a lot and think this is one of the greatest campaign, which would help many poor people survive through the horrid Cold. Please Check out their website for more details on Odha Do Zindagi and let us help this great campaign with open heart. You can also help by spreading the word. Know More here to find out other ways to help.

Wishing all my Indian friends, Happy Republic Day and everyone else, a beautiful day.

Much Loves,




  1. Wellcome dear!! I miss you and your posts.. I agree with your words about winter .. I am very cold and winter is hard for me too.. I congrats your Happy Republic Day .. With love.. 🙂 ❤

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