A Note to You.

It has been around 1 year 3 months approx. since I first started blogging and each day I feel grateful for the day Joie de vivre was born. This little place is my happy place, a secret garden for me where I meet wonderful and amazing bloggers. I learn things and I share things which inspire me from my everyday life. How much I love blogging? Well, it’s 3 am and I am thinking of you, my friends and readers, humming to myself a song by Selena Quintanilla Perez, Dreaming of you…And typing from heart a thank you note to all of you. You have been a great support. You have been there for me and placed in me a trust and responsibility, a feeling of importance, a feeling that I matter. We both know, I may not be an inspiring and great blogger at the end of the day but your generous love has made Joie de vivre grow. I say it again and again. Truly, that’s what I feel. Few days back when I was not active much, I received mail from Friends, Readers, People and it brightened my day. Your words and your help has been my strength and I am really grateful for all of that. Now today, since we all are on verge of saying bye bye to 2016 and stepping into a new year together, I would like to let you know, how important you are to me and request you to be with me always because Blogging brings me a joy beyond words and to me, you matter!

I may not be skilled enough to guide and provide tips on a successful blogging but I do have few tips for new and budding bloggers who want to enjoy blogging. Blogging helps you express and be heard. It’s like a Joyful conversation over tea with people around the world. You may not find such a place in real world. You may not find the time or right words. It so happens that when I write I express myself better. English being my second language is not my strong asset as I often find myself struggling for the right word and when I sit down to write a post, I have all the time on earth to think for suitable word.

Blogging has made me realise that Internet is beautiful, after all. It is like a machine, which can be used for both good and evil means so if one has good intentions, he is ought to make good use of it. Vast resources that internet has made available to us is necessary for social, physical, mental, spiritual growth. And Blogging being part of the good internet has all these qualities. When you blog, not only will you contribute but also learn. 

And while you have started blogging, always make sure you are in love with what you write. It may be anything that you are passionate about. Make sure it has to come from heart. Find inspirations from everyday and everywhere. Who knows a movie can be your inspiration for your content or even a single word. This will help one to overcome writer’s block.

Keep yourself Genuine. Know what you are writing. It is most important.

Every blog that surfaces on Internet has its own purpose. I might be wrong although to think that it is very important to serve what your readers will be delighted to read. According to me, a post should be a blend of an equal amount of writers and readers choice. I mean for e.g. If it’s all you and about YOU on your page, your readers might not be so interested to read about you, you and you all the time.

I guess, this is what I have concluded so far and this has made my blogging enjoyable except for times when I lack a bit of enthusiasm and at that time, thank god I have my blogger friends who know how to bring it all back.

Thanks for everything. Happy Holidays to YOU.

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Much Loves,




  1. In my blog I express lessons learned from my life.I got answers for plethora of question from this buetiful world.i note down your point that we need to think over readers interest as well.may be this reason they can be less interested to our blogs.Thanks for your tips.Good day☺

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