Was green fashionable in the 18th century?

All Things Georgian

As we haven’t written any fashion related posts for a while we thought it might be interesting to look at both clothing and paintings showing the vast array of colours worn in Georgian fashion, but, as our regular readers will be aware we got side-tracked when we realized that there were relatively few outfits and paintings of people wearing the colour green and we wondered why, so began to investigate!

We wondered whether it simply wasn’t a fashionable colour amongst the Georgians, but then, having looked at the way in which the colour is produced we soon realized that one possible explanation could be due to the process and the elements involved, thereby making the cost of it more expensive than to produce other dyes, in turn making it only available to the wealthy. There also appear to have been issues with achieving a bright and even colour. Green also seemed virtually…

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  1. viktoryarch says:

    Thank you for your blog…Just want to wish you the best in upcoming year of 2017, and Happy Holidays. Great success in your work….

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    1. Arohii says:

      Thank you so much and wish you the same!! 😀 Happy Holidays, Best wishes 🙂

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  2. Aquileana says:

    LOved this post and green is one of my favourite colours… I am guessing that it could be seen as expensive as it could be related to many precious stones like the emerald… thanks so much for sharing, dear Arohii… wishing you happy holidays ❤

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    1. Arohii says:

      The whole dying process as well was pretty too much, which made green expensive. Me too, love green esp emerald and sea green. My pleasure sweetie, thank you for dropping by and happy holidays to you too. xx 🌷🌷🎄🎉🎆🎇🎈🎁


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