Winning over Common winter woe, Dandruff

winter-woeWinters bring with them common health and beauty issues which worsens if neglected. It is therefore very much necessary to know the common winter woes and their solution. One of the serious winter problem that requires immediate attention is Dandruff. Ew! But true. Lets Face it, we all have been there. It is natural. why? Because my friends, it is said that Dandruff occurs when three things combine together-

a. Malassezia Globosa- Fungi Commonly found on our scalps.

b. Sebum- Oily waxy substance produced by sebaceous glands in our body to lubricate our skin and hair.

c. Scalp Sensitivity- 50 percent of people are sensitive to oleic acid*.

*Interesting thing to note here is that fungi breaks down fat into oleic acid and it does so to grow. when they grow rapidly, natural renewal of cells is disturbed and thus, dandruff occurs with itching.

How to take care of Dandruff naturally 

  • Diet : Healthy, include lots of fruits and green vegetables, drink lots of water
  • Brushing hair with soft brush from scalp to down with firm and steady strokes.
  • Shampoo and condition Regularly.
  • Lemon Juice/ Vinegar / Aloe vera / Olive oil/ Coconut oil massage are effective against Dandruff.

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Anti Dandruff effective shampoos and products.

How I managed to get rid of Dandruff ? It would be a lie if I say I cured my Dandruff problem permanently. But yes, I have tried anti-Dandruff shampoo, D’free anti Dandruff lotion, lemon Juice and oils. They helped me get rid of Dandruff temporarily.

Anti- Dandruff shampoos are effective but for a short while. But they can be the ultimate solution, provided you wash your hair regularly, condition it and avoid stress and unhealthy food. which might be not easy to achieve for most of us. There are many Anti Dandruff shampoos available in market claiming to treat Dandruff. One of the the most reliable one is Neutrogena T gel. 


Buy here :

Active Ingredients contain coal tar, Pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid.

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source : Google

Another product known as D’free Lotion contains Piroctone olamine, ZPTO, Climbazole + sebum Modulators and Aloe Vera. I will be honest with you, after few uses, results were not extraordinary. If you expect the Dandruff to completely vanish, this is not the product you are looking for.

What would I recommend ? Neutrogena.

Other Effective shampoos :

How to avoid Recurrence :

Healthy Lifestyle followed by washing and conditioning hair regularly will prevent recurrence to an extent.

Have a Dandruff free winter. Thank you. 🙂




  1. You’re damn right. D’Free is bogus totally. It controls your dandruff for 1 day exactly !!
    I have not tried this Neutrogena. Lets see. But the home remedy tips you gave are good one. I too read that Apple Cider Vinegar and Listerine are very good in removing dandruff and cleansing your scalp of the fungus. You should apply it directly to your scalp, wait for 30 minutes, then wash off and condition your hair well.

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  2. Earlier I used to use Wella Clear Scalp Lotion. That was miraculous for dandruff !!
    However, Salons in India have stopped stocking it, due too high price. It is available on Amazon and other Outside India Shopping Sites.

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