Cartoon meets Fashion

Prêt-à-porter (Ready to wear ) Pokemon with its adorable charm is available for all fashion enthusiasts and Pikachu lovers, thanks to Prabal Gurung’s latest collection.This collection has been making headlines since its launch, NY Post has labelled it as hot and others have praised it all well.

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What you should note here is that this is not the first time, fashion embraced Cartoons, animals or Characters. Runways this year, revealed that we are never getting over Feline fashion.

Gucci Resort 17

source : Vogue

This is not the first time, fashion brought cats into scene. Miu Miu exhibited these furry faces in their spring 2010 collection before too. Be it Marc Jacobs, Stella Mc cartney or Gucci, they all have placed their faith in Feline fashion, once in a while.

Gucci seems to have a thing for wild things. Be it a snake wriggling on a coat or roaring tiger, they got it all.

Gucci Snake Intarsia Mink Fur Coat

Gucci Snake Intarsia Mink Fur Coat

Btw, which cat is famous for its love for Lasagna? Garfield, right! Now that  we are talking about cartoon characters, how can we ditch Garfield ? Presenting to you hence, Lazy Oaf X Garfield.


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Below are all other examples of Cartoon meets fashion!!!

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So which one do you like,  are you team Feline or Pokemon. 🙂 Thanks for your time.

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