5 Metal covers of pop/soul songs

Believe it or not, I change music according to mood which is why I love music from all genres (almost all) and listening to death metal has always been my way to calm my anger down. Its weird, I know! Pop and soul songs are my first love although and when I listened to these heavy metal covers of these songs, I could not help but share with you the playlist of 5 metal covers of Pop/soul songs.

Song- Oops I did it again.

originally by Britney spears, Covered by Children of Bodom.

Song – Call me.

Originally by Blondie. Covered by In this Moment.

Song- Gimme Gimme

originally by Abba, covered by Yngwie Malmsteen.

Song- Barbie Girl.

Originally by Aqua, covered by Audiosmog

Song- Tainted Love

originally by Gloria Jones, Covered by Marilyn Manson.

I hope you enjoyed these songs. Have a great week ahead. 🙂

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