Most Priceless smiles

when do you smile the brightest? A smile that is priceless comes whenever we are happy. And sometimes, these kind of smiles, the most priceless ones results from simple things, Little things, Simplest form of kindness, simplest deeds etc. These priceless smiles wins hearts. These smiles are bigger than anything in this world. These priceless smiles are most beautiful. Lets meet the owners of most priceless smiles.

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Hari, after a full day hard work receives his wage. In his mind, list of things he needs to buy to cook his dinner, on his face- A priceless smile. will this smile match with the one who didn’t earn his bread? I do not think so.

Maya, she could just sell all the garlands she made at home. All bought by one person. on her face, brightest smile as a result of an act of random kindness shown by a woman, she will never forget. She now can come back home rather than wandering, requesting people on streets for hours hoping for them to buy her garlands.  (sometimes, its better to support poor kids on streets, buy their little things, watch big priceless smiles on their little faces )

Most priceless smiles
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The next smile comes to the face of little Nisha as a result of Little unexpected help from her father through which she could help a wounded stray dog. (I wish all parents were same. )

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Gopal, a security guard looks happy today. why? Someone addressed him as, ‘Sir’. A word he uses often to address others and seldom hears it for himself. Respect that he deserves but never gets for his job, brought the most priceless smile on his face.

Bittu, found his lost brother at a fair. Courtesy, a stranger ! Smile on both their faces, priceless!

They live in a land where water is scarce, government failed at water management. Water reached through tanks miraculously, the smile resulting after relieving quenched mouths, Priceless!

Sita, finds her shelter with her family under a plastic sheet roof, she calls home. Her smile was beyond comparison when during a rainy night, they were provided shelter and food by Family living nearby.

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Asha watched a movie at her Madam’s house where she works as maid. She smiles adorably, lost in dreams of  bollywood.

These were just few random examples and stories of random fictitious people inspired from the Pictures above .

Sometimes, we can be reason for such smiles too, through our little act of random kindness or our little understanding, help, love and support.

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source : Google

Thank you. Loads of loves.





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