Good Award winning Movies to watch this Children day

What Happens when you watch a Good Movie ? By good, I mean to say a movie which compels you to think, listen to your inner voice, clears your vision, changes your perception, makes you cry, smile, laugh and most importantly, makes you feel alive and refreshed. A Good movie has all these qualities more or less. A good movie will leave behind, outburst of emotions.
Spellbound, we try finding ways to express the love for the movie. Of course in our own way. kaphal-film-poster-1  And when I watched this one movie, Kaphal : wild berries (Imdb) today, I found my own ways to express my love for this movie. One way was to compel my family to watch it. My other way is to share about it, with you here. Please do watch it when you can.
My intentions are clear, I want my loved ones to experience the same things I experienced. I am sure you will have lovely time watching this movie as I did. Seeing the title I was reluctant at first but then I was lazing around this sunday afternoon and my time was well spent.
The movie is innocent. Simple, sheer and Sweet. Yes, these are the words, that comes to my mind thinking about it. Watch the trailer here :
Life that we live is so different from that of people in remote areas. I cherish simple things, things that go unnoticed often. My idea of a beautiful life would be being with my family in one such remote village spending my afternoon sitting under a tree, reading a book listening to the sound of nature, which I am sure would end up in a short nap. And this movie was giving me glimpse of a place of my dreams, in between the forest surrounded by mountains, unaware and isolated from the Urban chaos. Anyways, I hope you feel the same. It was very sad however to see how tough can life be in such a place. If I get a chance, I would try to live among such people in a place like that and serve them as a dentist. But I know, It is easy said than done.
I have here, a list of five best movies like Kaphal which are worth watching especially when it’s Children’s day Tomorrow. Enjoy !


Still from Mahek Movie. Source : Google.

Young Mahek fantasizes about doing great things but unaware of her strengths in reality. When mysterious fairy godmother walks into her life, she starts to understand the true meaning of hard work. (Imdb)

Full movie is available on Youtube, you can watch it- Here

The Blue Umbrella



Bindiya is gifted a blue umbrella by a few Japanese tourists, which gains her immense popularity in her town. Nandkishore, a shopkeeper, wants her umbrella, but she is unwilling to part with it. (Imdb )

Watch trailer – Here


Image result

In an attempt to rescue her twin sister Munni, from the evil witch Makdee, Chunni strikes a deal with her. How she manages this task forms the crux of the film. (Imdb)

Watch Full movie here : Youtube

Chillar Party


This film is about a gang of innocent but feisty kids who lead carefree lives in Chandan Nagar colony that takes on the big bad world of politics when one of their friend’s life is endangered. (Wikipedia)

Watch Trailer here – Youtube

Image sources : Google

Wishing all a very Happy Childrens day! 

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