Awards and A bloggers wishlist.

Hello Loves, It’s time to show my gratitude to all the mentions, nominations for the awards and most importantly, immense love that you have showered on me, in other words, this is a post where I would continue the tradition of passing on the nominations to deserving bloggers without being the one who breaks the chain. 🙂 Oh and I would love to share with you all that I wish for as a blogger, My wishlist.

First thing on my wishlist is the Blogging Sweatshirt below and I wish I could have it right away !!

Bloggin sweatshirt (Bloggers wishlist ).jpg

A custom made Journal titled Joie de vivre. As my inspiration from blogging comes from everyday life, there are times when I just get an idea for a post and I rush to jot it down. Of course, I do it wherever possible, in Evernote notepad or cell phone but it would be really nice to have a Journal like below :

Mongram Journal (bloggers wishlist ).jpg

Source : Etsy

What I need next is an Inspiration board. If you search pinterest you will find many ideas. why I need an inspiration board is because I want to pin up all the things that motivate me, from quotes to inspiring people to anything I like.

Inspiration board (bloggers wishlist ).jpg

source : Pinterest

Speaking of Motivational, another thing that I need is a Wall art like below.

Wall art (eat sleep blog ) Bloggers wishlist.jpg

source : Etsy

I guess, this is it. 🙂 And now, its the Award nomination time. so from the bottom of my heart which is filled with gratitude, I thank my fellow blogger friends for nominating me for the following awards, I am truly honored :


The Versatile Bloggers Award by Blog Oceane. and by Helene(Beautiful is my attire).

My nominees : La Audacia de Aquileskoolkosherkitchen, Priya@MasalaVegan

One Lovely Blog Award by Anu

My nominees : Beautiful is my AttireMaximaEl Coleccionista Hipnóticoilbruciacchio.wordpress.comchernajakurica.wordpress.comhighwaypay.wordpress.comSwetha’s Culinary Trialssouthindianmakeup.

Real Neat Blog Award by Kool Kosher Kitchen

Questions and my answers :

  1. Ice cream or chocolate? Chocolate. 🙂
  2. Pastel colors or dramatic contrasts? Pastels always and forever.
  3. Instrumental music or vocals- Vocals !
  4. What kind of books do you like? Novels from authors like Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and more, thriller/horror and detective books.
  5. What kind of movies do you watch? My fave genre would be romantic comedy and horror (excluding slasher).
  6. What do you do for fun? Listen to music, watch movies and read books.
  7. Where would you like to travel? Italy!!!!!!
  8. What is your preferred way of traveling? Planned and organised. I know, its not the best way but I prefer it planned.
  9. Your comfort food? Indian and Parsi cuisine. I may eat anything but nothing tastes better than an authentic Indian Platter.
  10. The person who influenced you the most in your life? I think, it would be my parents.

My nominees : Handmade Seven Herkes İçinDoc2poetMissKymmiee, Cezane, Blog Oceane, Healthy Indian KitchenDishdessertKeralas.liveAlok Singhal 

Sunshine Blogger Awards by Girisubiramaniam

My nominees : AnupriyaSriviCattie’s WorldCook with Smile..Unveiling The IncogitableAnkiness**Mr. Moonlight Flippflopp**Rekhasahay.

Sunshine Blogger Award by Doc 2 Poet.

My nominees : ahlawatvishalMrs Strawberry BlondeTheonlysupJaipur Thru My Lens !!Chape Personal Trainerokaaythen.comBlog Femme Et Infos.

Mystery Blogger Award by Vishal Ahlawat

My nominees : girisubiramaniamSunshinebrightFrom the Heart to the MindEartha CooksKlau, Breath Math

You are seriously missing out the fun, if you don’t check these Fantastic bloggers out.

Now onwards, I am thinking about mentioning the bloggers who nominated me at the end of my posts just like the winner of most informative blog and an awesome blogger friend, Amalia does on her blog, I really was inspired by her brilliant idea.

Thank you and have an amazing Sunday!

Much Loves,




  1. Congratulation on this whole big bunch of awards – wow! You really deserve them! Thank you for accepting my nomination; I love your answers – see you in Italy one of these days, my friend! And thank you so much for nominating me! I am truly humbled and grateful!


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