..And the winner is Tea.

Tea, a common thing from everyday life turns into a simple pleasure early morning or whenever one might need it. So does coffee, I know you said that! Well my friends, if you ask me I would always prefer tea over Coffee and for me… the Winner will always be tea, here’s why-

Tea is a common drink in Indian household and in many (not all) homes, morning starts with tea. what makes tea preferable over coffee ? First and most important thing is TEA LOWERS CORTISOL (STRESS HORMONE) LEVEL. Morning is the time, when cortisol which is a stress hormone is maximum in our body and cortisol does what it does the best, gives us stress.Related image Tea especially black tea, chamomile tea, Green tea have incredible power to lower the cortisols and hence, stress. So before you start a day, grab a cup of Tea.

Coffee on the other hand, increases level of cortisol. Better not to have it early morning.


I have always liked the taste of tea, in fact, I am a bit addicted to it. My morning always has to start with a cup of tea. Did you know, India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, with over 70% of the tea being consumed within India itself. Read here the history of tea in India

other than lowering stress, below are reasons why tea wins in Tea vs. Coffee-

Coffee is more Acidic than Tea .

Bone density and Bone loss  :

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Bone loss

coffee reduces bone density, on the other hand, tea increases bone density and reduces bone loss. Now things that you must know about bone loss are that women are more likely to have this problem. Bone loss are non-curable. It is very common in India(about 10 million cases per year) .



Tea Reduces the risk of stroke and heart diseases. Tea, prevents blood vessels from hardening. Hardening of arteries is known as atherosclerosis, you might have heard of this term before. You can read about it here to know more.

Image result for hardening of arteries

Consumption of green tea, lowers the risk of age related memory loss. 

Tea has less caffeine than coffee.

These were the benefits of tea over coffee. If you enjoy coffee, it would be wise to switch to Decaf and lower the amount of consumption of coffee in a day.

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Other benefits of Tea include : 

They are calorie free. 

Contains Antioxidants.

Boost Immune system.

And Read here The 10 health benefits of Drinking tea. (All Image sources: Google)

I was mainly concerned about stress and it is a common problem. It is a good thing that we have a natural solution to this problem. Other than tea, Dark chocolate, oats, salmon and olive oil lowers cortisol naturally. So now that we know why tea is a winner, here are the types of tea, to enjoy tea at utmost.

Black Tea

Black leaves.

Health benefits : Reduces stress, lowers bad cholesterol, neutralises free radicals, boosts immune system.

Image result for black tea leaves

Green Tea

Non oxidised tea.

Health benefits : Burns fats, reduces stress, contains antioxidants.

Image result for green tea leaves

White Tea

Made by plucking young tea leaves. Once plucked, leaves wither and dry. white tea is one of the expensive tea.

Health benefits : Anti-Carcinogenic, anti-ageing, increases insulin and reduce plasma glucose level.

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Tisane has no tea leaves. It is made with flower or fruits such as Lemongrass and mint, lavender or chamomile, hibiscus tea etc. ( Hibiscus tea recipe )

Health benefits : Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. These tea varieties help in freeing body from free radicals, lowers stress and premature ageing. 

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Chamomile Tea
Image result for Lemongrass tea
Lemongrass Tea

The oolong Tea

Partly oxidised, color may be green to black.

Health benefits : Dental health, antioxidants, improves bone structure, lowers cholesterol.(Reference : Here. Read also : Benefits of white vs. Green tea )

Image result for oolong tea

( Herbal Tea Recipe )

That is all about tea, I hope you will pour yourself a cup of hot and healthy tea.

My simple pleasure : A cup of tea in winter nights.

what is your favourite type of tea ? Thank you for reading. 🙂

Much Loves,








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