☘Gaeilge☘ The Irish Language☘ Basics -1

Go raibh maith agat!
Now we know a bit of Irish !! How cool ❤

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Dia duit! Hello everyone!😊

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about Irish and Ireland and teach you some new words and phrases☘

What language is spoken in Ireland?

English is the language that everyone living in Ireland speaks, but Irish is a second language to most of us living in Ireland.

When is Irish spoken?

Irish is spoken in some Irish primary and secondary schools (students aged 4->18).

Irish can be also spoken in Irish areas, where English isn’t spoken. We call these areas ‘Gaeltachts’

Why doesn’t everyone speak Irish in Ireland and why isn’t it used everywhere?

I guess Irish is a language that is slowly fading as English is a language people from all over the world can speak. There’s no other country on earth that speaks Irish. Some people go to English schools where everything is taught throughout English and they have an Irish…

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