5 stylish ways to break Fashion rules

Not very often and usually unusual some daring fashionistas have proven that breaking fashion rules can be stylish too. Forget Fashion faux pas for a while and look at these 5 stylish ways to nail the art of breaking the rules and standing out.

Look no. 1

5 stylish ways to break fashion rules.jpg
I do not own this. Source : pinterest.

This is my FAVORITE look of all the fives. I have crop tops and I no longer can wear them but who knew that wearing them over shirts could end up looking like this? I mean seriously, this look is stupendous from top to bottom, the slit skirt paired with shirt and the crop top, the ankle boots and bag, the color combo, well, all of them wows!!

Look No. 2

5 stylish ways to break fashion rules.jpg

At school I was told that tying my sweater around my waist was inappropriate and was bad manners. Personally I am in love with this look and if one could wear their sweaters around the waist and look this Incredible & Fashionable, they must wear them.

Look No. 3

5 stylish way to break fashion rules.jpg

Faux pas : Prints on Prints. But not this look, it has the very subtle feminine look and is an ideal prints on prints style inspiration for me. love the shoes that go with it, Personally, I would have never picked out shoes somehow being hesitant. Hats off to the stylista above.

Look no. 4

5 stylish ways to break Fashion rules.jpg

Is it only me who thinks that too much is going on here and it still looks awesome ? well, I feel speechless in this case and I am trying to figure out her outfit.

Look no. 5

5 stylish ways to break Fashion rules.jpg

we all know about the oversized clothes fashion trend but how many of us have seen someone rock it so wonderfully ?

Image sources: Pinterest and google.

Which look did you like ?

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