Blogging, eh?

This post is kind of a short follow up post to the Blogiversary post. Hmm so if you are having hard time at blogging like me, I want to share with you five ways I cheer myself up. Well, yeah but before that please excuse my Eh! Haha. so what exactly does blogging feel when it becomes an “eh” to you ? It feels depressing.

~So before anything, I tell myself that It is okay to not know everything however not learning new things is not okay. The day you are depressed, blogging seems like a sinking ship, try learning something new and see it will make you forget everything.

~know that it takes a fool to understand a fool and vice versa. My point is when you find yourself misunderstood, well may be you are at wrong place at the wrong time so be patient, calm down and either wait or go find your mates! I do not expect everybody to understand me but there must be someone like me to whom my every word will resonate. Now where’s Orlando? 😀

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~Empty vessels make loud noise. If you fizzle on the blogging platform, may be it is wise to understand that you ain’t no empty vessel bruh. (excuse! ) Basically, think positive and don’t be harsh to yourself. Always love who you are, no matter what.

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~sometimes the relation of Give and take really make wonders. May be it’s time for you to try it. Instead of expecting from other people, try giving first.

~Hard time? What hard time, why are you here? If you are not having fun, leave. If you intend to have fun then go join groups, make your own network and socialize.

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~I am no pro. But one thing surely cheers me up in my gloomiest days i.e sharing. Share the love, your problems, your posts, get noticed, share your words at different blogs.

Hmm, so guys sometimes, it’s not you who lack anything.
It is just the time. Be patient and enjoy what you do. To be honest, being best at what you do hardly matters, Connecting to others is important.

Many scientists like Gregor Mendel, Einstein and more were called Morons by real super morons at first, remember? But what happened, they continued with what they did best and loved and today , we call them Genius.If you are sure at what you are doing, do it anyway.

Keep blogging and smile !!!

Thank you.





  1. eh, nice post :)…… Why do beautiful people like you get depressed……just kidding, depression doesn’t knock the doors before coming……anyways may want to say…..stay cheerful and happy…..

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