Retreat or Revive

Heya Guys,

Two days to go and on 14th, my blog turns an year old. Lately, I have been thinking if I should retreat and get back to the part of my life which I have neglected for a while or revive this blog and take it slow balancing both parts of my life. I was planning getting a custom domain but have little idea about it. So going through some articles as well recently. Any suggestions?

I love blogging and Polyvore. It is hella fun haha. I have been on verge of getting sick now, so jaded and so addicted. To make blogiversary special, I was planning on writing a post on blogging journey (as suggested by Arv from Jaipur thru my lens ) and more.

I am writing to you for your feedback on joie de vivre and invite you to write few lines like one or two or more if you wish. They will mean a lot to me and I look forward to add them to my blogiversary post. 🙂

Please submit your feedback and words about Joie de vivre –Submit your feedback Here.

Loads of loves,




  1. Congrats! Will look forward to anniversary special post. As for future course, well abandoning it altogether is a tough choice. But in the end, do what sounds good to you. Congrats once again Arohi..

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  2. Hey! Don’t you dare to retreat, Arohii. You’ve made a wonderful job here, in the blogosphere. With you, this area is more beautiful. I don’t have my English with me, but I can say that without you here, I would have retired long ago. Your support and beautiful words made me continue my work here. This is all I got to say, but again, don’t you dare to leave me alone. You’re one of my best friends here. I know it’s hard to share your time, but you have to try. We have to do this together.
    But, you have to understand that if it’s better for you to take a break, you don’t have to ask for my permission. I will be happy if you will be happy.
    So, I don’t know if my English is understandable, but I wish you luck no matter decision you’ll take. You can use this for your blogiversary, my dear friend 🙂
    Hugs, love and kisses,

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  3. God, Monica, ah you are a sweetheart !! Thank you for your love and support my bestie. It is the same here. Without your support it would have been impossible. Break is a must, I guess that’s what I need, we will do this together. Do not worry, even if I blog less in near future, I will there as your support constantly. Haha, your english is perfect my dear. I definitely will use this for blogiversary. Thank you like zillion times for your lovely sweet words. They brightened me up. 🙂 ❤ Much loves and hugs,

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