Get your fab on at work for fall 16

Ahoy! Men and women!! Fall is here and you better get your fab on, this fall at work with the colors of Autumn and your perfect fall staples. As we say goodbye to summer, Autumn at our door demands a quick upgrade of our closet and of all, work wear is most important. why is it important? Because your clothes can be more than just clothes at times when you feel totally exhausted for work, by keeping you excited and comfortable both.

Upgrading your wardrobe Color scheme

Now to dress for fall at work, I prefer following a color palette inspired by fall. As the nature changes its colors, don’t you think our wardrobe should too? For work, subtle color Palettes would be fine. 10 Color Palettes (and HEX Codes) Perfect for the Autumn/Fall Season

Layering up!

Secondly, Layering up your clothes this fall would give you plenty of options. They will give you an option to stay comfy and warm thus protecting you from unwanted flu and cold (common during season change) and of course look good. Three things to take care of while layering up-

layering up

A. Take a note that your base layer must not be made of cotton. Cotton will soak up the sweat and make you feel uneasy & cold. So rule one is to make sure your choice of fabric for your undershirt or cami or basics this fall don’t make you feel more cold. In this styleboard below, I have used Tommy John comfy Undershirt.


B. Middle layer should always provide you with warmth and since Autumn is not as cold as winters, a Cashmere sweater, cardigans or even sweatshirts or wool blend/knit fabrics would do.


C. Outer layer should protect from wind. Fleece jackets, windbreakers, bombers, denim jackets etc would be excellent.

Following The work wear basics

I believe be it winter or summer, workwear basics are must and should be followed. They are –

Avoid – Too gaudy , too flashy, too blingy, color pop, extreme casuals, high heels, messy hair, too short, too shabby etc.

wear- subtle, sober colors, well fitting garments, mid heels or low heels etc.

Let me update you with fall trends for 2016 in next post elaborately and by then I hope you and I would be over our summertime sadness and nostalgia by then. But as far as work wear for fall goes, Trench coats, navy coats are “in” this fall. so are Loafers and pinstripes patterns.

Hope my style tips help you and if you have anything to add, please feel free to share with us.

Happy Autumn my dear readers. ❤

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