Random things I never told you.

Soon my little blog will turn one year old and I want this blogiversary to be special. I want it to be all about you, my friends and readers. Please write to me and help me with “make it special” with your lovely suggestions. Email me at : Zhwadevivre@gmail.com or contact here.  But before all that I thought why not tell you things I never told you. so here it goes –

♡ Firstly, overwhelmed me hides and controls a lot seeing your support always. My mind strictly commands : Hey, hey Girl! Behave yourself. Lol. But let me tell you I am always Thrilled seeing you here, like this much –


I have been flooded with topics in my mind but little time to spare,

No, I am not busy.

♡ I am hella addicted to Polyvore these days. It’s a fashion app I am using that lets me fullfill all my fashion urge and express my fashion sense and recently, my sets made to top-list which was like AHMMAZZZING.

♡ I was an average student at studies. say I only came first in class, till 3rd grade. and So I became a Dentist.

That never impressed anyone in my family except my mom.

Damnit! Those Mbbs people should know, they are lucky, at least they impress the older members of my family. 🙂

♡ I Love 7up with Pomegranate seeds in them !!

♡ These days I am going through Nostalgia phase and avoiding Facebook and those old pictures of me and friends, our college memories etc. completely.

♡ Oh I love eating Chicken (and I am the only one in my family to love eating chicken). I told my family, I was different!

And speaking of different,

♡ I am a typical 90s clumsy kid. 90s, when weird was in fashion and almost everything astonishing was allowed. Well, no wonder I am a big fan of Highlights.

♡ speaking of highlights, I am growing my hair, they are below waist now and after that,


♡ My dad frowns and thinks I waste time on Internet. Ah, all this blogging thing I hope it grows over time so that I can show him, it is not totally but only a little waste of time, 😁 .

♡ Oh, And I hate walls, walls dividing all of us, it has been the root cause of all things evil in this world.

♡ I like Banksy. The graffiti artist who made us believe in the power of art. These are my favourites :

And lastly,

♡ If I don’t have a reason to hate you, I will be super sweet to you so that means next time I am being good to you, do not get the wrong impression. 🙏 pleassseee.

on that note, Let me wrap up the random things I don’t tell you.

If you would like to write your own random things, feel free to tag me and Ping me and I will include your post link to this post.

Loads of loves Lovelies,




  1. 7up with pomegranate seeds, wondering what this mix will taste like. Haha 😋
    Beautiful notes we got to know about you! Congratulations on reaching a landmark. 😊

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  2. It tastes great, try it!! 🙂 Thank you Ankit !! well It turns an year old on 14th september exactly but I will accept your lovely wishes in advance. Happy weekend!! 🙂

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