My DIY Jewellery Wishlist

I want to share with you my DIY Jewellery wishlist by Banggood. Not so long back, colorful beads kept at a gift shop’s Payment counter caught my attention. So I asked the lady at the counter, what they were and she showed me a bracelet made out of those beads. I didn’t buy them then, but now I so want them before friendship day. And especially after seeing these wonderful DIY Jewellery online, I so want to try my hands on these Inspiring DIY Jewellery design ideas and make something on my own.

Check out these notable Sterling silver beads, I found them at Banggood. Prices start 2.72 USD and 185 Rs.

I also liked these Sterling Silver spacer beads. Prices start 2.29 USD.


Beads can be used to make marvellous customized Jewellery pieces. Beads Jewellery go well with almost any dress and they make a perfect gift for a friend if they are customized. Being hand made, gives these pieces a special flair undoubtedly. Since Friendship day is on August 7th this year, these beads will make a perfect friendship bracelet for friends.

The next Pendant pin and Stopper Studs that I found while browsing through DIY Jewellery Collection at Banggood are simply a worthy and Useful addition to this wishlist.


 Stopper stud are must haves. You will understand why, if you have ever been through the frustrating situation of losing a stopper stud of your favourite earrings.

Please click on the following links for more details.

  1. Sterling Silver Beads
  2. Sterling Silver Beads spacer
  3. Sterling Silver Pendant Pin
  4. Sterling Silver Stopper Stud


Wish you all a very Happy Friendship day in advance my friends. ❤

Remember to make this Friendship day special for your friends, let them know how Loved they are.

Thank You.

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