Christmas In July

Christmas… what does the word christmas bring to my mind? It brings Joy. So far I celebrated christmas in December and I am being real honest with you here, this is the first time I heard about christmas in July. But christmas in July is celebrated with equal zeal not only in southern hemisphere but also in the united states ( In 1942, the Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., celebrated Christmas in July with carols and the sermon “Christmas Presents in July”. They repeated it in 1943, with a Christmas tree covered with donations.) Read more at Wikipedia.

Hmm so christmas in July is Kinda new to me. But let me admit, I do not mind having christmas all year round and wait I just came to know that Santa Claus, Indiana has christmas all year round. Now that we know about christmas in July, let me tell you what my christmas in July would be like and here are some party, food and outfit Ideas for you.

How to celebrate christmas in July


  1. Design or get wonderful Christmas in July Party invitation cards online. send beautiful Christmas cards to your loved ones.

  2. Get in the Christmas spirit by  listening to nothing but Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies. Oh I love christmas Movies ! 

  3. A cake is a must. I don’t know about you but for me, it is! How can any celebration be complete without a cake? If you want to keep it simple, you can flaunt your baking skills with homemade cakes. Watching your weight? Then you must make biscuit cake, they are easy to make but make sure you use Digestive biscuits. Recipe is here.


  4. Isn’t it like an advantage to us that each and every online shopping sites are having end of the season sale? It defo is for a shopaholic like me. After all Research says shopping is therapeutic. Let’s be happy now and shop away because it’s christmas in JULY.

Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go for shopping – Oscar wilde.

5.  Here is the outfit idea for Christmas in July. Anything Red, green, blue is apt.

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Get at

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6. For Dessert, you need to check these 90+ Dessert recipes for christmas in July.

More Ideas? Go here . 🙂


Loves and hugs ❤





  1. Spreading the message of joy and happiness by decorating it in the sentiments of Christmas is a wonderful idea. Everyone can use a little Christmas spirit THROUGHOUT the year. Thank you for sharing this lovely message.

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