Mother’s day special

Mother’s day is on 8th! well I do not want to be late with this post while all other blog posts can wait. I have to share with you this Mother’s day, a special post first. How excited are you for Mother’s day? I am excited.

Mother is always least demanding. she hardly complains, she never expects much and always keeps loving unconditionally without even needing a token of appreciation. And may be that is why I am at ease just before mother’s day. Ever noticed, we do not stress much over gifts or parties like the other special days for e.g the valentine’s day. we somehow know this one particular day is always going to be the best day ever without any party fails or complaints or annoyance. why? Because we are celebrating the day for moms who will smile endlessly at our small gesture of love and will definitely appreciate our efforts.

Gift Ideas

But still, hello!! we need to celebrate this day in the best possible way. so what are you planning to gift your Mother? I usually give my mom a day off. And take everything in Kitchen under my control. umm, if you don’t already do this, please try it once, I suggest. Give your Mom a day off and cook her favorite food and in case you can’t cook, order her favourite food. So here goes my gift Idea no. 1 for Mother’s day.

second gift idea is the usual. You can gift her clothes, accessories, handbags, clutches, perfumes, jewellery, personalised gifts, photo frames, beauty products etc.

Is your mom fond of reading? or does she subscribes to a particular magazine? If yes then, gift her an yearly or monthly subscription of her favorite magazine as a gift or gift her a book.

Try and recall what your mother has been wishing to buy or have been complaining about in past few days? well make her wish come true or make her problem vanish. 🙂 one of my friends mom was complaining about her wrinkles and other beauty issues etc.So my friend gifted her a gift hamper of all the beauty products she thought her mom needed. Now you certainly can guess the result. Her mom was overwhelmed obvio.

These small gestures shows that you care. you listen.

so these were few of my gift ideas for Mother’s day. Go grab a good gift for your mom this mother’s day and make her smile. From smile, springs joy after all.

Mother’s day Playlist

Moving on, I have here few songs for the Mother’s day playlist. I hope you like it.

Spice girls- Mama

Christina Aguilera- Mother

Mariah carey- Through the rain (Click for video)

Il divo- Mama (click for video)

Ozzy osbourne- Mama I’m coming home (Click for video)

2pac– Dear mama (Click for video)



And lastly here are few famous quotes on Mother-

Hmm, so I hope you liked this post. And well take care my dear friends and stay happy. Thank you.

with Loads of love ❤





  1. I appreciate you taking the time to convey how important a mother can be. Realizing that part of our character, our essence stems from this one of a kind person needs to be honored and cherished. Thank you for helping remind us of this and offering ideas to make each of our family experiences more pleasurable. Wishing your family and especially your mother a day filled with love, joy and happiness.

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