How to Dress young

How to dress young is a post which will point out some of the tips on how to dress youthful and age-appropriate.

I was sitting in a restaurant few days back when I noticed a woman walking into, wearing a mini skirt and a bright pink top. The woman drew attention of everyone almost everyone easily who were present then and there. It seemed pretty obvious. she was old & around mid 50s and she wore clothes which were not age-apt. well from how people stared at her it was an easy guess that they were busy Judging her from her outfit. To me, it seemed like a failed attempt to look younger.

Lets face it, dressing age apt is important. But it is also important to dress a bit younger and not Grandma like. Now I am talking about a well balanced outfit between shabby,droopy oversized clothes and skimpy, tight and trashy clothes. And this is how to achieve that-

Ever studied  the style of celebs who are 30 plus or say in 40s like J.lo, Gwen stefani, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker and more. They all have aged gracefully and they show it in their outfits. I know we are not celebs but we all can get ideas and tips from how they style themselves up. well so here goes my tip no. 1.

1.  Study stylish celebrities and grab some ideas.

2. Be colorful

well, wearing colorful clothes makes you look young. Avoid Dull colors.



In the above picture, if you notice the first dress is dull looking, however a similar dress with a floral pattern next to it looks more vibrant and thus youthful. Just Roll up the sleeve a bit, wear sneakers or flats and you are good to go with a navy blue bag.

3. Pay attention to Hemline of your skirt or dress 

Reese witherspoon in Mid length skirt, source: Pinterest.

when I say a young woman, do you imagine a woman in long skirt or a short skirt? short is what I imagine. yes, to look younger, wear skirt/dresses with hem upto knee and not calf.

4. Replace old with new

In my opinion, wearing colors, fabric and style that shouts youthfulness is in its own, a best way to dress young.

Youth is synonymous to freshness. And fresh is something that is not from an old age but from today. you and I need to make some changes to our wardrobe. Time to toss away old clothes and replace them with new ones.

And so the must haves in the new ones are :

a. A pair of lean, skinny jeans.5 must havesb. A jacket or blazer that fits well and is well tailored.

c. Bold colors.

d. Fresh and  Vibrant prints.

e. T-shirts and lots of t-shirts.

5. Being in the present, following the trends.

when fashion makes a comeback say for e.g flared jeans were back in fashion. Did you notice? Nobody wore it like the 70s when we knew them as bell bottoms. People styled it differently even the fabric varied this time from the previous one. World is all about change and change is constant. so you and I need to embrace change in our outfits and when something makes a comeback, wear it according to our age and current time and not like the past.


6. Just Accessorize.

Right bags, necklaces, scarves with stripes and prints, great shoes, ankle length boots and trendy belts are best to add.

Remember, we are the best stylist we can get. we all know ourselves, we know what we like, now we just need to put it all together in a best possible way. So Let’s Doll up and also let’s take help from magazines, celebrities and people like us. Inspiration can flow in from everywhere.

I hope this was helpful. If you have anything to add or correct, please feel free to do so.  🙂

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Thank you.

With Loads of Loves,

Arohii ❤





  1. I agree with your selections and I think the combination of smoother textures, bold colours, structured cuts and natural fabrics are the best choices. A lot of people don’t consider mid-fifties to be “old” and even Gwen Stefani still looks younger than some women in their late twenties. I think the trend for mini skirts has long gone, and more tea, knee and midi lengths are taking centre stage. So, she looked “outdated” if anything. I will also add that the choice of fabric makes a world of difference. A low quality polyester blend can age a person about 20 years because the rough texture tends to look dated, especially with darker colours. Accessories can always be changed to update a look.

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  2. Thank you so much dear for your valuable addition to the tips, I agree with you. 🙂 choice of fabric makes whole lot of difference. About that woman, it was clear, she lacked taste. Yes, 50s is like mid-age not old. 🙂 And you are so right about Gwen stefani, she looks so much younger. Thanks again. I really appreciate it. Take care 🙂 ❤ xo

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  3. long time Arohii.. welcome back. Good to see you here again..
    PS -sorry no comments on post, I’m pathetic at understanding fashion of men itself, I have no talent to gauge and understand women fashion 😛


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