Dresslink made me look retro gifting me a skirt and sunglasses few days back. If you remember, I showed you my wishlist from Dresslink which included a Retro black leather skater skirt and a Retro unisex cat eye sunglasses. I received both within four days of placing my gift order. Packaging and shipping both were satisfactory. And I am so delighted to share with you what I received.

The skirt looks really cool and so does the sunglasses. I just love them both. The skirt is a flared skater synthetic mini skirt and looks girly and cute. It was comfortable to wear and looks exactly the same as was shown on the website. Everything about it is perky. And lastly, pretty important stuff, how much does it costs? It will cost you US$ 2.46. yes, just US$ 2.46, great, right? well, you can get it Here.

About the sunglasses, It costs US$ 1.65. Ah what can i say? I love it guys. It goes well with my face type, it is not large, is light weighted and looks fabulous. I also love the retro look the sunglasses give. You can get it here.

I wore it with a black tank and white sandals, you can also pair it with tee and lifestyle shoes(trainers, plimsolls loafers or moccasins).


Now, shipping is not free while you shop from dresslink but what you see is what you get. And you get it for super less. Yes, as I mentioned in my earlier post, Dresslink wishlist, you get everything at a wholesale rate, so what are you waiting for dearest stylistas and my readers, go grab ‘em and have fun!!

At Dresslink, their spring special collection has many pretty dresses, all for, Superless!! You can also get yourself an item for just 0.01 US $ from their Flash sale.

sunglasses.jpgI have been wanting to post this as soon as I received the gifts from Dresslink but it took me a while to come here, I apologise for being missing since past few days. Um, I really nurture this little space of mine with positivity and that was one of the reason why I avoided to come and post anything when I was stressed out, and also, I was kind of little busy but i guess, Life can’t and won’t ever be better without blogging and you my friends.

Sending you loads of loves and hoping you liked this post.

Stay Joyful and Thank you 🙂

Arohii ❤



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