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It feels amazing to be back to my happy place and to you, my adorable readers. I bring to you today my wishlist of fancy clothes from Dresslink.com. If you haven’t heard about dresslink, you must check it out. Here’s why-

They have amazing items like clothes, shoes, bags, lingerie, sunglasses, jewellery etc. available at wholesale prices. Prices can be as low as 0.89 $ to 0.01 $ (if you buy items from flash sale).

I went bonkers over clothes and other items at dresslink. If i showed you all that i wished for, god knows it would have been a very long list.

Here is my Dresslink wishlist.

No.1 item in my wishlist is this vest which is inspired by this outfit worn by Kendall Jenner.


dresslink 1.png
Get this Here :  Click

And here are rest of items in my wishlist which includes my love, tulle skirt (if you remember I have fancied them ever since I saw them on sarah Jessica parker in the movie sex and the city 2).


Get these Products here: 

dresslinkwhite floral dress : Click

Black and silver dress: Click

Maxi peach dress : Click

Beige Crochet dress : Click

Maxi Boho floral dress : click

Pink two piece dress : click


At dresslink you get a pretty decent dress for just 3 US $ and many other items including leggings, crop tops, sunglasses, clutch, bags, choker sets and so much more at just 1 us $.

This was my wishlist from Dresslink.com. I am happy right now and expecting products from dresslink to arrive soon as well. Things have not been quite nice at my side since past few days but we girls love shopping and nothing can cheer us more than getting ourselves a pretty dress. 🙂 This post was fun.I hope you liked it and I hope you give dresslink a visit. After all as i say, if you don’t like a good bargain, you are insane. 😉

I love you all my readers. You have been awesome and in times of my need, a great support and a good friend. Thank you so much.

Keep smiling. I wish you Joy forever. ❤

Loads of love,




  1. You have a natural flair in the world of fashion. It seems you really enjoy sharing your opinions. I enjoy reading these posts because fashion is an area of weakness in my life. I love to learn and enjoy the creative component in the fashion world. Thank you for being such a good teacher.

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  2. Thank you so much. Ah this made my day. Being complimented as a teacher is the greatest compliment I could ever get. 🙂 I am a learner although am very glad if I could ever be of help. Have a good day.

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