celebrate Imperfections.

woot woot, Happy women’s day 🙂

Here’s to women, who changed the world, who made a difference and who were stronger and wiser. Happy women’s day to us. Let’s get inspired by such women, lets get stronger than before. Let’s embrace our imperfections, let’s be confident let’s be the beautiful us. 🙂

Dear Everybody

what is true beauty, what is your definition? My definition is being beautiful means being pleasant, not only aesthetically but beauty is when you embrace yourself the way you are and reflect it. Once you have known that, you are special no matter what the world says. These days definition of beauty has changed a lot. May be it is more fake than before. People have gone so blind that they believe what is served and said by media,society and celebrities are apt.If media or society says thigh gap is hot, girls and models go anorexic to attain that.

If you do not meet their standards of beauty definition, you are subject to body shaming. so many incidences recently rose eyebrows about body shaming. The term in itself is so deteriorating that the person feels guilty and sinful.

why do you laugh? Because you cannot gulp the simplicity. History has shown people get threatened by simplicity and make things complex, one of complex things society gifted mankind is religion, according to me. People cannot gulp someone enjoying their lives as they are maybe because they themselves spend their time and resources to meet the basic standards of beauty set by society.

There is a difference between being fortunate and authorized. Being fortunate enough to be attractive does not authorize you to body shame others. Motivate people to be fit, do not demoralize. If you see a plus size, do not mock because you have no idea about what they are going through. I do not say sympathize them, I say be indifferent to their appearance, treat them as any other person. Most importantly do not attempt to mock them.

Body does not represent who we really are. what we are inside is who we really are.Aesthetically imperfect person is not necessarily ugly.

If you are reading this and if you have ever been subjected to body shaming, i want to say, you are beautiful,And as said by Maya angelou,“ if you try to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be ” so be yourself. I would like to add a poetry which is also one of my favourite poems by Maya angelou still i rise.

we all are beautiful in a special way. Next time someone points finger on you, laugh and leave, you can’t change their perceptions, you cant change the way you were born, you can’t hate yourself either, that is a sin.

Love yourself. Celebrate imperfections, trust me there are none 🙂 its the eyes that are blinded by definition of false idea of beauty that sees imperfections.

Other people don't get to decide your worth! Eleanor Roosevelt quotes Strong women of history:

Let me tell you about the most beautiful women. They are the ones who showcase their  inner beauty and reflect confidence. who make the world better, who make their homes and nation better.

These women are the real definition of true beauty.

Listing some of the most beautiful women –

Maya Angelou

10 Maya Angelou Quotes That'll Make You Love Life and Get Sh*t Done | Women's Health Magazine:

Amelia earhart

Mother Teresa

Margaret Thatcher

jane austen

Someday, my Mr. Darcy will be here and I will wonder why I ever fooled with the other pretenders. I will love the moments of anguish that I waited for my beloved.:

charlotte bronte

I would always rather be happy than dignified. - Charlotte Bronte | Sarah made this with Spoken.ly:

Virginia woolf

Virginia Woolf, from A Room of One’s Own: “No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.”:

Malala Yousafzai

12 Powerful And Inspiring Quotes From Malala Yousafzai - What an incredible and amazing yougn woman Malala is.:

susan anthony

Hatshepsut – you should read about her, she was the first ever woman pharaoh. To be accepted by the society she used to keep false beard.

Elizabeth blackwell

portrait of elizabeth blackwell:

Ada lovelace

Ada Lovelace (1815–1852)

stop body shaming/copying others/running after perfection and cosmetic surgeries. stop living the lies. Ideal beauty definition is being beautiful inside.No plastic surgery can change that.

Thank you, stay blessed.





  1. Outer beauty can keep you interested for some time, but once you realize the inner beauty of someone, you are hooked for a life time. There are billions of people in the world with gazillions of opinions. It’s worthless to get entangled in others’ perception of how we are. I loved the examples of all these women who changed people lives for good. Life is too short to worry about people’s opinions, it’s best to follow your passions and do something meaningful in life. Through the thick and thins, you will have people who love you unconditionally, and they are the ones who should really matter.

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