what not to do when blogging

what not to do when blogging is pretty much something I feel people should quit while blogging. (Any resemblance to a person living or dead is highly coincidental. If this post offends you or others, please note that i apologize from the bottom of my heart and this was pretty unintended. )

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Moving on, First thing that we/you should never (nah, not even once) do is hurt the sentiments of others. If you can’t say anything nice, keep quiet. Don’t say anything. At least i think so and speaking of the word think, think before you utter those words. Think if it is useful, necessary and pleasant and if it is not then why speak the words which will do nothing but cause pain. If you are blogging, i consider you are sensible enough to understand the rest.



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Secondly, please do not use this as a platform to cater your hatred against humanity, world, caste, religion, race, creed or an individual. I think blogging certainly is about expressing yourself and I am sure you do not define yourself as a hater but you must be so much more than that. show that part of you rather than serving something that will leave bitterness behind.


Thirdly, I am sure there are dating sites/social sites to chat and date. If you are looking for that here, omg, you should be heading to tinder and other similar sites.

Also, Please have the courtesy to just pay a view to the posts of fellow bloggers before liking and if you can’t then do not hit that ‘like’ button.Trust me it will make no difference.

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Most importantly, DO NOT SHOW OFF.

A humble king wins hearts which a rude king will never achieve. This ornament when worn attracts all and especially when you are successful it is highly unexpected, doing the unexpected will always get much more attention, don’t you think? Showing off shows weakness. showing off is so uncivilized.And if you think you might show off and get away with it, lol you are not the perfectionist unless you are God and one weak point of yours, you will be reminded about it very often. Example : I might not be the best blogger but i am a good dentist which you are not 😉 and same goes for everyone else.


Lastly, your jealousy, rudeness, hatred, verbal diarrhoea reflects lot more about you than you think so please take a note of that and Be the best version of you.

Loves and loads of loves as always,

Blogger by chance,




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