Cheesy gift ideas for Propose day

Yesterday was propose day guys. Happy belated propose day to all my readers and well as the title says, get cheesy but to ace not fail. You might have checked my valentine’s day gift ideas post, well this is completely different. If specially, you are a teen and have a crush on someone, this might give you some ideas on how to propose. Although I am not expert or experienced, always feel free to not follow what i say. 🙂

Idea no. 1 Movies play an important role in getting some cheesy ideas. For e.g I was watching a movie “Bring it on”, once. The guy makes a tape for the girl in movie. He played guitar, sang a cute song and tada! he got the girl smiling. If you have by any chance watched the movie, “No strings attached” , may be you would have noticed the guy making tape for the girl. Well so here goes our first cheesy but cute idea. Make a cd or pd with all the love songs and possibly songs on having crush on someone, (also Check~ 5 songs to dedicate your Crush) and gift it with flowers.

And if you got Italian crush, make sure you do not gift her/him chrysanthemums, i read somewhere that it is only given at funerals in Italy. And if you have a Japanese lover/crush, make sure you do not gift her/him white flower either. 

Idea no. 2 Cards are perfect with chocolate. For a day, you can turn to Robert Frost for help, and pour all your love over the card. or you may also use one liners and right at the bottom you write- I do not intend on being cheesy. All i wanna say is I Love you. Bingo! I hope it makes one liners fun to add maintaining your charm and coolness.

Idea no. 3 If your crush/lover reads a lot, well gift him/her a book and stick a note in front to turn to random pages, for e.g page 1, 5, 9. what you have to do is to underline or highlight words from random pages which you want to say to her/him. For e.g underline or highlight I on page 1, Likewise find love somewhere on page 5 and you on 9. Also at the end of the book, stick a note or clue for her/him to find another surprise gift which you have to place in a way secretly so that they follow the clue and find it.

Idea no.4 If you can sing, please sing for him/her and send it.

Idea no. 5 You can gift couple tee, mugs or watches.

Idea no. 6 Watch movies together. Come up with few suggestions with her and then play dart to pick one.

I guess that is all for now for chilly (cheesy+silly) ideas for Propose Day. Have a good day.

P.s : I was supposed to post this yesterday and I didn’t get time at all 😦

Thank you. Love you all. ❤





  1. You are not kidding right? It was propose day and no one proposed to me. sobs silently.

    Not to mention these are some great ideas. I’m just going to forward these to the people I have a crush on, so that they get the idea what they should do and to whom as well. 😁

    Nice post. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for making me feel better. Though I highly doubt your claim that no one proposed. Sounds highly unlikely.
    You know I could have, but figured the competition would be hard to cope up with. So dropped out. 😂

    Well, 3 more days. Let’s see if anyone turns up. Thanks though. 😅

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