11 Songs Inspired from India

The latest song by coldplay, “Hymm for the weekend” stirred debate all across social media and was accused of misinterpreting India. As for me i am not upset, i pretty much enjoyed the song and seeing beyonce in it was a treat. c’mon guys take a chill pill, it is just a song, enjoy it. So here i am with a playlist of 11 songs inspired from India.

No.1 has be the greatest hit by DJ Snake last year and one of my all time favourite LEAN ON. I love this song. The song features Maharaja’s palace and Indian backup dancers with some cool moves.

No.2 Powerless by Nelly furtado
Nelly Furtado released two videos, one without bhangra beats and one with bhangra beats featuring Josh. well, we were very fond of this song when it was released and a little secret between you and me, my friend and I carved few lines from the song on our bench at school. 🙂

No.3 Come and get it by Selena Gomez
The video was not shot in India, it just features Tabla players, tabla music in beginning and a male voice singing in hindi.

No. 4 Bum Bhole Nath by Bob Marley
Bum bhole nath is basically in hindi sung by Bob Marley who is praying to Lord shiva, a hindu God.

No.5 Bounce by Iggy Azalea
I never liked this video. Video was probably shot in India.

No.6 Addictive by Truth hurts
The song starts with a hindi song in beginning, Kaliyon ka chaman.

No. 7 : Jimmy by M.I.A
This seems to be a popular song, i find many versions of this song. There is one Jimmy song by a Russian artist also.. check it out here

Jimmy is a bollywood song and M.I.A version differs in lyrics.

No. 8 : Juramento by Ricky Martin
The remastered version has bhangra flair to it.

No.9 : Across the universe by the Beatles

No. 10: Shine by Bond
The video shows Indian wedding.

Lastly, the latest song
No.11 : Hymm for the weekend by coldplay

Featured image source: Pinterest

To read more on about the cultural appropriation issue that the coldplay video has sparked, check this out- Here
Enjoy the songs, music is for pleasure not useless arguments. I hope you liked the playlist.

Thank you. peace

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  1. Nice list Arohi. I don’t watch English songs and I did come across the controversy regarding coldplay. I heard the song because of you. 🙂 I think it is beautiful. More of India’s diversity & vibe has been depicted. I am a Sonam hater, but she looks gorgeous in this one. 🙂 As you said, people should just enjoy rather than take offence.

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  2. Great diverse list. Seems your well rounded in the realm of music. I use music to calm my mind and relax. For me, it is a quick method to bring a type A personality down a notch.

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