valentine’s day outfit ideas for 7 style personalities.

These valentine’s day outfit ideas are for both, for the ones in relationship and for the ones who are single, stylish and Free. yeah, some might be getting ready for the special date and some might not be excited for the day just like me but here’s an idea, why not dress pretty and fab that day. To look pretty, stylistas do not need reasons after all, isn’t it ? Make cupid stare and make it worth his while. And so Here are the outfit ideas for the valentine’s day for 7 personality types :

Style no.1  Effortlessly stylish

This is the best way to dress up, according to me.I am talking Minimalism.


LOOK 1- Dress- wool shift dress, ;bag : Michael Kors, ;shoes : vans.

Look 2- Dress:,shoes: Forever21 gladiators,Vest: BCBGeneration, Amazon.combag : valentino.


Now not all of us are same and we tend to style and dress differently often biased towards a particular trend of clothing. And so I have divided “us” into these following groups below. I hope you like it. 🙂

Style no. 2 : Boho Chic-

I am talking hippie-look, reggae-beats, vagabonds-spirit, bandana, paisley & floral prints and boho vibes assembled into one outfit, perfect for that one day. Here are my picks-

Style no. 3 : Retro Regina

For all those nostalgic girls who want to live and dress retro. To be precise, I am talking bell bottoms, vintage clothings, pencil skirts, Mary jane’s, wrap dresses, minis, flower power, psychedelic prints and more. Take a look at this, i totally adore this outfit.

Miroslavia Duma - floral midi skirt + brown boatneck sweater + white pointed heels:
image source: Pinterest

style no. 4: pretty Princess

Princess who like to dress pretty. I am talking prude and proper dresses to make cupid fall in love right away.

Cherry Red Rockabilly Dress Pin Up VALENTINES by MoonbootStudios:
Image source : pinterest



Style no. 5 : Terrific Tomboy


There is nothing special about this look except for the color red, code of love.

Style no. 6 : Punk Pristine (Rock n Roll chic)


Style n0. 7 : Ethereal Ethnic


That is all for now. Btw, which one are you? Hoping you enjoyed this post. Thank you for stopping by.

Loads of loves,




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