Eye Catching Hair Color Trends

The most eye catching hair color trend of this season is Glow in the dark hairs.Quite “IN” this month and all over on instagram this trend is nothing but neon colors which glows in dark and these are something which I am pretty hesitant to try though I did found some temporary hair color on Amazon but I still am not convinced yet, what about you? Here, take a look-

Glow in the dark hair color trend – 2016


source for the image: Google image search-Here

Note: Extensions are also available, if you want to try it 🙂

I like Hair colors but just as streaks and I did got few strands of my hair colored Magenta and blonde v.jpgalthough I wished for purple ombre hair when it was in trend as well as mermaid hair color but It was pretty impossible to have that in a professional college. you would have seen Hilary Duff rock these in 2015, Here goes our Hair color trend no. 2 –

Mermaid Hair color

MERMAID HAIR COLOR, source : Google image search here


Talking about Mermaids,how can we forget Ariel (my favourite disney character) Love her hair too and in fact Red hair color looks so gorgeous as well, they suit every skin tone and go with every hair color as well.

Red Hair color source: Pinterest


Red? Remember sunset hairs from the 2015? Here is our Hair Color no. 3-

The Sunset Hair color

THE SUNSET HAIR COLOR, source:via google search, here


That is not all, if we have sunset hair color trend, we also have

Rainbow hair color trend 

see for yourself-

well they were popular all over the internet last year. That was our hair color no. 4

Oh and pastel Hair colors are just so pretty. Here goes another hair color trend, no.5

Pastel Hair colors



And this hair color trend no.6 is just fabulous. I am talking about Ombre hair color trend which was adopted by so many A-listers and celebrities.

Ombre hair color 

OMBRE HAIR COLOR, source: stylesweekly



I love the ombre hair. I was born with straight hair and have always wished for frizzy hairs, I was so crazy about it that my mother once got me temporary perm. I never dared again to experiment with my hairs considering how thin and less they were already. Hmm, what other hair colors do you like? Do you like Highlights?

That is all for now. Hope you all are doing fine.

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