Five chic casual looks for less($50)

Been awhile since I last posted Looks for less and so here I am with five chic casual looks for less which is under or equal to $50.

LOOK NO.1Look no.1

Details: Top- New; Bottom:; shoes:

Now, who would not like to wear the outfit above?

It is black, it is simple, it is affordable and it defo is very stylish. To be honest, we all have that one day when we feel we have gained extras and that one day we wish we had something to cover those extras up without compromising your style and here, this outfit is one such outfit.



Look no.2.png

Details : striped short dress-; shoes- Tada! That’s all.


look no.3

Details : Pleated skirt-; Top- ; shoes- converse

Pleated skirts? well, spring is not far, flaunt pleats with sneakers and a top. Be it sporty or chic casual look, they will do it all and do not forget how pocket-friendly will it be as well.


look no.4.png

Details: Black overalls-; white tee-; shoes-Aeropastale

I might have said overalls are out of fashion in my fading fashion post but I really could not leave it after coming across this street style.


look no.5.png

Details: white bottom-; white striped tee-; Ballerina-

I would love to wear these versatile casual look any day.

That is all for now. which are your favorites among these five casual styles?

Thank you

Loads of Loves,





  1. No. 1 is my go to for art conferences because I don’t wear trousers. No 3 is my everyday look with a jacket added for structure. I try to collect really nice jackets as a good structure sells the entire look.

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