Things I learned from blogging

Hi guys,

How was your day? 🙂 you know what, this post is a short little post to acknowledge the little things I have learned from Blogging. Oh its a whole new lovely world with lovely, kind and amiable fellow bloggers.

I started blogging (my first ever blog) unsure and hesitant but yes with love. 14th september is the birthdate of Joie de vivre, well I guess Joie de vivre is 3 and a half months old. During this Journey, here are few things that I learned-

  • Eye for an Eye-

Like for a like, follow for follow, comment for comment and so on. And why not? I think this is the best thing to do. Whatever we share is of importance to us and so we should understand whatever others share will be of importance to them as well. why not show love to them who show love to you, after all, everyone deserves to be loved. so don’t be selfish 😉

  • Friend in need is a friend indeed

I will always like my friends post even if no one likes. why? Because I am a good friend. Yeah and that’s what most friends do. It is so good to have friends, Love you all big time. 😘

  • Sharing is not just caring but more

sharing posts will be a mutual benefit thing, simply. Reblogging interesting posts as well is the same thing, never refrain from posting stuff which your readers might be interested in. Share→care→symbiosis.

  • Adjectives should be Handy

Get yourself a good dictionary or look for adjectives, the more you have in your Vocab, better will it be. Just Kidding. Yeah but do have some adjectives on your fingertips.I never said Thank you so many times in a day and never said lovely in a row so many times in a day as well.  This was a whole new experience.

  • Our greatest glory lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall

so true in case of the daily stats, one day I had 222 people visit my blog, the other day like yesterday it was merely 28. Well, they fall, they rise, be patient and Keep sharing, loving,caring and everything you are doing, yess you are lovely so am I and everybody else.People will find you and love you back soon, at least that sometimes happens in my case. Thanks again for supporters, most gifted possession i was blessed with in 2015.

  • Welcome Everyone with smile and warmth.

Applicable only to people who have nice teeth, yeah ! just kidding. Lol you know what I mean, right dearies?


  • you are most important.

In the whole process of love, give and take, share and care, do not lose yourself, do not procrastinate (ikr, it’s hard) but it is important, value and respect blogging and bloggers and seek the same for yourself, you deserve it. In any case if you are not happy doing anything, refrain and sit back quietly, whole idea of blogging to me was to have a little space away from the hardships and dryness of my career and also to appreciate the little joyful things I am blessed with everyday. My little blog is a reminder to me that enjoy every bit and piece of every day with joy.

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Loads of loves,

Take care.





  1. Hey, Arohii, I started the blog a month after you, on October 13. If I wanted to write a post about what I learned so far would probably have been very similar to yours :). Anyway, I’m glad you did it and readers have now your words and my thoughts. ❤

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