Outfit Theme :Picnic

How was your christmas? Hope everyone enjoyed, celebrated with friends and family and received lots of gifts. oh, me? I celebrated too, not as fancy as most of ya’ll would have but it was all good. 🙂

Anyways as I said December and January is Picnic month in earlier posts, I decided to post picnic outfits and I am starting today with something I picked for Family Picnic tomorrow for myself.

It was an easy pick as I am going with Family who will hardly notice what I am wearing and mostly notice if I am eating or not. Yeah Families are amazing, they feed you even if you are full and not hungry, at least thats true in my case.

I am so not excited for tomorrow, we are going to a local place although I had plans of visiting a sunset site nearby,but it’s quite cold these days and everyone is bit hesitant.

Here is the outfit I picked- ootd.jpg

I paired it with crop sweater, I wanted something comfortable for all day so I chose this gladiators from Carlton London. Sweater and dress are from Dorothy Perkins.



Thank you.

Loads of Love,







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