This post is about “All about Eve” and things to learn from the movie, right from style lessons to life lessons.Well let me first tell you what All about Eve is ? It is a movie, I assume most of you all might be knowing about it but some of you who want to know more about All about eve, google it. Oh and if you can, please watch the movie, trust me, you will not regret it.

what about, All about Eve? well Stylistas from everywhere should note that All about Eve can be great for style lessons . It stars Bette Davis ( yes, the beautiful eyes one) and Marilyn Monroe in a cameo role. Other people should note that it is an academy award winner movie and a must watch classic.

Briefly, It is my all time favourite movie and I think there is so much to learn from that movie. Bette davis happens to be my favourite actress for her fierce and perfect acting.

I totally adore the character of Margo Channing from the movie, most women would relate to it, most of the women are like that, vicious,fierce,goal oriented on outer side but always soft,vulnerable,childish and insecure at heart.

Let’s talk style now first,

Best 6 style inspirations from the movie (Looks to steal actually)-

1.Style InspirationPencil skirts and shirts

Style lessonYou can never go wrong with a shirt and a skirt (esp. a pencil skirt).

2.Style InspirationPeter Pan collars– They are timeless and classy. see my previous post, i have said that already, i say it again.

Style lesson– Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady- Edith Head 

3.Style InspirationFurs


Style lesson– She doesn’t wear fur because she’s cold, she wears fur because she’s glamorous.” –Ken Downing

fur (2)

4.Style InspirationBrooch

Brooches are timeless, proof, they are still here with us helping us improve our attire and add sparkle to it with that extra piece which not only looks good but makes statements and stands out.

LessonA woman makes an outfit her own with accessories- Oscar de la Renta.

5.Style Inspirationcape (Look ma, no hands) , Evening cover ups .

Yes they are back in fashion but they were Kind of never out of fashion.

Style lesson– No quotes for this one but sigh at this fabulous cape below.


6.Style Inspiration:Pearl

Style lessonThe one who said Diamonds are girl’s best friend, probably underestimated Pearls (or didn’t knew pearls existed)

Pearls can be girls best friend, a great accessory and a style hack. when in doubt, always wear pearl.


Other lessons to learn from movie (if it interests you) btw do watch the movie if you haven’t already. It is an amazing movie.

∼Flattery will get you nowhere.

~Beware of people who study and imitate you.

~No service is for free, there is always a hidden agenda behind it.

~A woman will give up everything in order to have a loving husband and a family.

women careerwomen career2.jpg

women career3

being a woman

~Its Friends that count.


And etc, etc. ❤

Thank you.

Loads of love,





  1. I really liked this post. When I watch old movies I get a little sad. I miss seeing people dress a little more formal. Comfort is good. And on weekends I have seen you post plenty of lovely fashion posts to be stylish and comfortable. But nowadays, I see people on the streets of New York, walking around in their pajamas. Our youth think sneakers are fashionable. As a former manager, I used to interview candidates for jobs, and so many people have no idea how to dress for an interview. I think it is sad. Sorry, for the long winded comment. I like your blog and love your fashion posts. I wish more people took your advice. Have a good day.

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