Best five flowers to gift your workmates.

Flowers make a beautiful gift. If in doubt, it is always best to send or gift some flowers. Every flower is unique and holds a different meaning. For e.g Red rose is a symbol of love and yellow rose, a symbol of friendship and so on.In the same way here is the list of five flowers that will be a perfect gift to your workmate, compeer, colleague, boss or partners.

Number 1- Bells of Ireland

source: floral home decor

They are the symbol of Good luck, so if you are wishing someone good luck, then send them Bells of Ireland bouquet or floral arrangement. Click here to take a look at zimmerman floral arrangement.


Number 2- Solidago

source: Pinterest

Wishing someone Success, send them solidago then as they symbolize success.

They are also known as Goldenrods.

The goldenrod is the state flower of the U.S. states of Kentucky (adopted 1926) and Nebraska (adopted 1895) (source:wikipedia)





Number 3- Galax

source: virginia wild flowers



They symbolize encouragement.




Number 4- Gladiolus

Also known as the sword Lily.

Symbolizes Sincerity. I guess would be best to send it to your boss or teacher.




Number 5- Lavender


Symbolizes Loyalty. Best to send it to your business partner,compeer or your hirer.


Thank you



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  1. So which one do you plan to send me?

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