Audrey Hepburn- Preppy Fashion Icon

Audrey Hepburn is someone we all should look up to if we want to dress preppy.

Hey guys, btw just wanted to let you know that today, I gave Joie de vivre a new look, it’s raining lilac there 🙂 I love peach, lilac and sea green most, of all the other colors, what is your favourite color?

I wish I could also add the fragrance of lavender and let butterflies not one or two but many, wander! all over my blog. 

🙂 Anyways, since I have been posting preppy style/fashion outfits of the day this week, I thought of getting/stealing the look of Audrey Hepburn, here is what I have for you all, the staples for preppy look 🙂

Preppy dresses– dresses preppy.png

Preppy casuals- Audrey Hepburn was mostly seen in striped tee/plain shirt and ankle length trousers like these.



I also came across this amazing quote by Ralph Lauren today, I second his thought. Image result for preppy quotes ralphBecause some people might think the same for me, or they do, it is normal, I agree, to think that what would a dentist know about fashion but sometimes, you find things where you least expect it! Not that I know too much, I may know little but I love style/fashion. That love is enough for me to have a personal and common sense of style.

You should not worry about being forgotten if You are dressed well for every occasion in your life. what has made Audrey Hepburn so unforgettable? Her elegant timeless and effortless style.

Peace and joy,

Happy weekend,



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  1. agenda19892010 says:

    Happy Sunday by Rinaldo ☺

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    1. arohii says:

      Happy sunday to you too, Rinaldo 🙂

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