Being ungrateful

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stone house with pink roses- I have the stone house, now I must get some gorgeous climbing roses!!:

what do you hate most? Is it the Ego that belittles you or the pride that holds you back from being noble, gentle and Kind.

Being ungrateful, one of the  traits I would rather trade anytime for free. I have been a spectator for several years, been watching people, all kinds of them, even the ungrateful ones. Where you are one of them you might be flying very high with your imaginary wings in your thoughts with all the absorbed flattery which resulted in this momentary pride and ego that has devoured your soul making you think you will never come down. But when you are the victim, for once in your lifetime you are very much going to realize what you have been doing so far.

why is it that we neglect to see that everything we are blessed with is worth being grateful for. Take an example of these two men in…

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