Style Tips for curvy body type


Are you curvalicious? Curves can be a pain sometimes. That extra body fat, cellulite around the mid waist, thighs and lower waist can be irritating when especially you take out your favourite dress to attend a party and hear that torn sound while pulling it up.

It happens once in a while to all of us. It fitted so well when you bought it and now it is of no use. Hmm, what can we do to avoid these unwanted scary days? Exercise! This might not be the solution but it will definitely keep you fit.

Anyways, this post is not about losing cellulites, It is about the style tips, which I have for curvy Mamacitas:

-We have broad waist, so wear clothes that do not draw attention to your waist line.

-semi fitted ankle length Trousers with waist length tops look good.

-A-lines are our best buddies.

-Body cons will beautify us.

-Love Crop tops? well High-waisted trousers and Palazzo will work fine with them. Avoid tight fitted lowers unless you are Kim Kardashian.

-Oh and if you are going for crop sweaters, remember to add layer, wear a tight fitting tank top which is below waist in length below it to pull off your tight jeans.

-Body contouring look can be made better if you pair a well nice solid blouse with printed high waisted full skirts.

Lastly, wear a smile and be comfortable. Dress well dear curvy Girls ❤




  1. I like your post. Let me just say this, I have dated all types of girl, including big boned. A bright smile, good attitude, and confident lady will win over any man. But that is just my opinion. Again, you always have such positiveness on your blog.

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